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Archimedian State

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A mental discipline practiced by selected members of the Hubertite Order of the Church of the Builder.

The Practitioner enters a meditative state which enhances his mental speed and stamina to work through large amounts of information, extended mnemonics, or particularly difficult problems. Skeptics claim it is a form of self hyponosis, but the Church does not allow the State to be studied. Symptoms of a person is the State is sustained blushing, increased appetite, and focus.

Brothers who are capable of entering the State can enter a deeper condition to tap more of their body’s resources with the help of another Brother, called a Handler. Practitioners and Handlers often form deep life long friendships due to the degree of trust required by the Practitioner. It is rumored that a skilled Handler can put a Practitioner in a State where he is no longer aware of dangers to his person or the demands of his own body. This has not been verified by any non-ecclesiastical journal of science.

””I saw it once. They were like machines.””

” ”’- Martin Malus, former novice””’


We Take Care of Our Own by Brother Lapis

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