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”’Ravila, a dark coastal town (possibly Spanish influenced) many days journey by sea somewhere to the south, is a city known to Babbagers but does not actually exist as a built city one can go to on the grid. It is also accessible by road, but not by train. Here is what people recall from their journeys to Ravila:”’

“Not more than 2 or 3 days outside the town of Ravila (roughly 10 days down the coast from Babbage) a storm hit. Had I done my research I would have known Ravila was famous for the numerous rocky islands around it. In clear weather it would be a difficult journey, in the storm it proved to be impossible.”

“It reminds me of Babbage in a lot of ways. Not as dirty though, and much more crowded. Lots of winding streets with smashed-together buildings, occasionally running along some canals. Theres one huge canal running through the center of the city. It’s big enough that it might be a river, but I didn’t see any signs saying one way or another. It was full of ships of all sizes going about their business. Looked like a bunch of pubs and cafes along there too so I’ll have to go visit tomorrow.”

””’- Kaylee Frye””’

“I’ve had many occasions to enjoy the sight of the hundreds of pirate cages filled with mouldering skeletons which adorn tall poles dotting the edges of the city of Ravila, populated not with pirates but with political dissenters… however, the true reason I venture to the humid city to the south is for the annual bonfire roastings of the old and disabled. That town truly knows how to thin the flock.”

””’-Mr. Underby””’

“Ravila, full of old decrepit buildings and the smell of brine, the inhabitant’s largely keep to themselves and are distrusting of outsiders.
Known for it’s unusually large fish population, the stories say you could stick an arm in the sea and pull out a fish. Fishing is the town’s major export. Oddly enough, any from outside cites fish in Ravila’s waters, their boats are found the next day adrift, with the crew missing, some with prepared meals still on the table, and no signs of a struggle.”

””’- Prof. Grendel Footman””’

“Vampires? Of course there are such things as vampires. They control an entire quarter in Ravila.”

””’-Br. Dominic Lapis””’

Scottie and Sky Melnik traveled to Ravila to add the famed Ravilan Wines to their import business.

*Vampires of Ravila

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