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Brother Anton Riddler

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Brother Anton Riddler is a novice of the Church of the Builder. He was identified as a mathematical prodigy at an early age, was brought to the Church by his parents, and has been raised by the Church ever since. Father Pizzaro is very careful in overseeing Brother Riddler’s training, as he has the potential to become a powerful mentalist.

Anton was born Anthony Babbitt, one of the thirteen children of Jamison and Emmaleen Babbitt of the Dairy Cooperative. Like many of the clergy, he has symbolically left his family life behind by accepting the clerical surname ‘Riddler,’ which was given to him for his natural inquisitive personality and his habit of posing unexpected questions to his proctors. Anton is not the first of his family to join the clergy. His older brother, Jerome, was lost in the Great Sandstorm during his journey year in Mondrago.

His best friend is his older, former classmate, Brother Martin Malus, who unfortunately left the church to go adventuring with Emerson Lighthouse. While Riddler was younger than Malus, his work was far more advanced. When he is not studying, he can be found in the rectory courtyard working on his hovercycle.

Father Moonwall revealed that Brothers Anton and Elim are both being trained to achieve the Archimedian State.

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