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‘Cuffs was an establishment, owned by Scottie and Sky Melnik, where sailors and many others would gather to swap stories and engage in fisticuffs. People often went to make wagers on sporting (or other) events.

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==Noteworthy Events==

As a sporting bar, it often sponsored public boxing matches, including one between Rusty Bones and Maggie Lynnwood. Maggie succeeded in knocking one of the infamous butcher’s teeth.

Several proposals occurred at ‘Cuffs, including Jedburgh Dagger’s engagement to Kimika Ying.

‘Cuffs was famous for housing the city Wager Book, which is widely regarded as the only sacred object in Babbage.

‘Cuffs was a heavy contender in the Bar Wars. An alliance was brokered with the Gangplank to prevent further damage to property and inventory.

The original build was demolished by air kraken attack. The bar was quickly rebuilt with extra help from thirsty dock workers.

The rebuilt ‘Cuffs was Mr. Underby when he was the Acting Mayor of New Babbage in retaliation for the dock worker strike during the Mayor’s trip to Falun.

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