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The Copperfield Investigation

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   New Babbage is a dangerous city for all walks of life and professions. Amnelys Copperfield fell victim to one man, a procurer of entertainment known as Nicholas Herding. He beguiled her with a silver tongue and a charming smile, but she wanted to escape that life. When her estranged brother Fly Copperfield found her with the help of Myrtil Iglay, she was ready to leave with him to go back to her family.

   She was at the grand opening of the Wax Musuem when Mr. Herding confronted her. After a loud argument he ripped the letter she was writing in half and departed in fury. Many thought he had been thwarted, but soon Amnelys was declared dead at the scene by Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. Her devestated brother began searching for his sisters killer.

* Feb. 12 – An Old Story Told Anew by Bookworm Hienrichs
* March 1 – An Unexpected Opportunity by Bookworm Hienrichs

   The investigation stalled after this unfortunate questioning as all evidence was circumstantial or inconclusive against him. Without the cooperation of Nicholas Herding she had no legal recourse or clues to continue her investigation. Fly Copperfield slowly descended into madness as the third anniversary of her death approached and most forgot his sister ever lived…

   Meanwhile, the urchins engaged in a competition for an Adult Liaison, to represent them to the rest of the city.  There were several candidates including Count Bologna, Beryl Strifeclaw, Emerson Lighthouse among many others.

The Urchins Hire by Myrtil Iglay

   Part 1: The Forgotten Child

   Though they kept the results secret, Emerson Lighthouse won but Beryl Strifeclaw was a close second.  However, Myrtil thought it was a good idea that they should keep this extra secret.  She was convinced that they should not tell either candidate that they were hiring both.  Some urchins were against this idea as Beryl was an honorary urchin who had taken the oath, but Myrtil insisted. The urchins fell in line and kept Beryl and Emerson in the dark as to their true status.

   Beryl Strifeclaw was running through the city when they saw Fly Copperfields distress.  The urchins had lost all faith in the milita who had been trying to help Fly.  Myrtil requested that Beryl should investigate Nicholas undercover pretending to go under his wings as a lady of the evening.

* The Forgotten Child by Beryl Strifeclaw
* Myrtil’s Plan by Beryl Strifeclaw
* Tepics Beautification School by Beryl Strifeclaw
* Reflections by Beryl Strifeclaw

Part 2: A Dangerous Con:

With the assistance of her allies, Beryl meets with Nicholas but realizes there are a few problems with her plan. She requests a meeting with one of the girls to avoid becoming bound to Nicholas Herding.

* A Dangerous Con: A Drink at the Muirsheen Durkin by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous con: The Devil is in the Details by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: The Dress, The Corset, and the Wardrobe by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: Meeting Trixie by Beryl Strifeclaw

Nicholas Herding wastes no time and assumes an agreement between himself and Beryl, who then begins her ruse as a lady of the evening.

* A Dangerous Con: The Watch begins by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: The First Trial by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: ‘Temptress’ in Training by Beryl Strifeclaw

In order to succeed at her goals, she contacts Phaedra Bryne for assistance, who created special chocolates that would enrapture those that consumed them years prior.

* A Dangerous Con: Phaedra’s Chocolate Shop by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: The Second Trial, ‘Smiley’s’ Chocolate Rush by Beryl Strifeclaw

While she was happy to help Smiley, she would need help from another source now.  Qismah, who works for Violet Solano, was able to produce what she needed to make men hallucinate and become suggestible to her encounter with them, so she could avoid doing the deed.

* A Dangerous Con: The Herbalist by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: Diamond’s Rivalry by Beryl Strifeclaw

Beryl, who had been followed by urchins, militia people, Wright, Hyde, Russ, and Nicholas’s men, inadvertently tips the others to each other.  Mr. Herding hires extra protection including a Shoresman and several brothers from Bump.  However, it turned out many of these men, beyond Gus, were just actors meant to freak people out so they would leave his girls alone.  When Beryl’s payday comes, she argues with Nicholas to keep her cover and is assaulted. Despite her acceptance of this, her friends are less understanding.

* A Dangerous Con: The Cost of Protection by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: Hyde’s Unexpected Distress by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: Cyan’s Order by Beryl Strifeclaw

After Beryl was given an order to survive no matter the cost, she turns to Hyde who bungles his mission and appears to put her in more danger than ever.  His actions with Domino lead to the death of Gus Quillman from Wuldram Shores.

* A Dangerous Con: Mr. Hyde’s Mission by Beryl Strifeclaw
The Bar Fight (by Wright)
* A Dangerous Con: Ignoring the Hospital Quiet Zone (Part 1) by Bookworm Heinrichs
* A Dangerous Con: Ignoring the Hospital Quiet Zone (Part 2) by Bookworm Heinrichs
-Jekyll Writes- A Dangerous Con: The Doctor’s Lament by Dr. Henry Jekyl

Captain Bookworm Heinrichs is deeply distressed by these actions.  She grows more distressed as Beryl goes silent and believes she is in part responsible for the murder of Mr. Quillman.  Lisa is able to determine that is not true, but Beryl was forced to bind herself to Nicholas with a promise.  Meanwhile, Nicholas approaches Mr. Underby who helps calm the situation.

A Dangerous Con: A Deal with Mr. Underby by Nicholas Herding
* A Dangerous Con: Another Trip into Dreams (Part 1) by Lisa Fargazer
* A Dangerous Con: Another Trip into Dreams (Part 2) by Lisa Fargazer
* A Dangerous Con: Too Much Interference? (Part 1) by Bookworm Heinrichs
* A Dangerous Con: Too Much Interference? (Part 2) by Bookworm Heinrichs
A Dangerous Con: A Polite Chat with Mr. Underby by Beryl Strifeclaw

With the situation calmed down, Beryl’s plan comes to fruition and backfires terribly upon her allies, who she had betrayed thanks to Cyan’s order.  While her allies risk their lives in a horrible riot, she encounters Nicholas Herding while rummaging through his office…

A Dangerous Con: The Storm Riot (read all comments) by Beryl Strifeclaw
* A Dangerous Con: While the World Burns ((Includes All comments)) by Beryl Strifeclaw

   Nicholas was exonerated by Beryl’s actions, but fled town the same night at her suggestion, but now they needed to find the man who had truly committed the crime.  Strifeclaw however refused to take any further part due to the urchins betrayal which Underby revealed.  Without her assistance the investigation soon stalled once again…

* A Dangerous Con: The Report by Bookworm Heinrichs
* Cyan’s dismal report by Beryl Strifeclaw
* Fly Copperfield and his Sisters Final Letter by Beryl Strifeclaw
* Enquiries at the Blue Sparrow by Tepic Harlequin

 I finally could recover the second half of my late sister's letter...

((To be concluded with hope one day…)

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