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A Dangerous Con: Too Much Interference? (Part 1)

((With so many posting, it’s hard to do things in order.  But this is starting a few days after Domino’s arrest, and stretching to after Lisa talks to me, but before Mr. Underby’s note to me.  If that makes sense.))


Captain Bookworm Hienrichs was definitely not in the best of moods.  She’d thought, with the arrest of Miss Domino, that she might finally start to have a handle on the chaos that swirled around her.  Unfortunately, a few days after that arrest, word was brought to her that Domino had been freed from prison by an unknown party – some guards had been lured away, and one overcome.  Soon afterwards, she received a message that confirmed her half-formed suspicions, based on the man’s description, of who it was.  His explanation for his actions was, to her, completely inadequate.

It took some time before she calmed down enough to consider the matter at least somewhat objectively.  She carefully tore the man’s note into several pieces, and each of those pieces into many more smaller ones, before carefully burning each piece in a nearby ashtray.  Finally, she penned a reply, sending it by one of the city messengers.

Dear sir:

I do not at all appreciate your interference in the matter of Miss Domino Dust.  This woman is extremely dangerous.  She has viciously attacked several people since she first came here, and even attacked a man in my presence – a man who has subsequently died.  I do not arrest people for any light reason.

For the sake of our long acquaintance, and our mutual friends, I will not pursue this particular matter concerning you.  However, if you interfere with the work of the Militia again, I will have no compunction about showing you the consequences of such action.

Yours, etc.

Captain Bookworm Hienrichs

And so, it was with no small amount of annoyance that Bookworm continued her attempts to talk to the three instigators of the fight in Ruby’s Pub.  Her mood was not helped when Mr. Firecrest and Mr. Wright both indicated that they’d done what they did to help Beryl in her quest.  That Beryl would sanction such attacks was not welcome news.

Thankfully, Lisa stopped by and told her of the conversation she’d had with Beryl in the Dreamfields.  To find out that Beryl was all right, more or less, and that the others had overstepped the bounds she had intended, was a great relief to Bookworm.

As she finished her final conversation, with Mr. Hyde, she sighed.  She’d told all three in no uncertain terms that they needed to back off their efforts and keep the peace.  Whether they’d listen, though…

In a moment of reflection, she had to admit to herself that her position of Militia captain was growing more and more onerous.  It seemed as if more and more citizens were either ignoring militia requests and orders, or actively working against them.  Only the support she seemed to have from City Hall kept her going.

So when a city messenger brought her a note from Underby questioning her watch on Mr. Herding’s place, her job satisfaction decreased exponentially.  Crumpling the note into a ball and stuffing it into a pocket, she immediately set out for the Gangplank.

((To be continued…))

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