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A Dangerous Con: The Report

Bookworm read Mr. Underby’s message requesting information about the participants in the riot. For several moments, she was tempted to indeed give him some names – including those who had interfered with her investigation much too much, or those from the criminal gangs of the area. But finally, she sighed, shaking her head. Her sense of justice made her realize it wouldn’t be fair to target some and not others with such a fine… and there were some folks she’d rather Mr. Underby didn’t know had been there.

But then, what sort of reply could she make? She let her mind roam back to that night, and the next day, images and voices drifting by. What had people been muttering about that next morning, as an explanation for the events? Marsh gas? Where had she heard about that before?

Suddenly, she remembered. And with a grin, she pulled pen and paper to her.

Mr. Underby:

Based on preliminary interviews, and some medical results from Dr. Jekyll, we believe an outside agent is the cause of the troubles – an agent known as Marsh Gas. In all likelihood, it is the same Marsh Gas that afflicted the entire city three years ago, and of which you told us at the Town Hall meeting in February of that year.

Given your vast experience with it, I’m sure you remember how insidious its working is. Thankfully, it appears to have been confined to the one area of New Babbage this time, and not the entire city. It is possible that it was deliberately loosed upon the area by person or persons unknown – I will certainly investigate that possibility.

However, since people under the influence of Marsh Gas are not responsible for their actions, due to their hallucinations, I don’t think it wise to attempt to fine anyone for their actions that night. After all, no one was held accountable for the various actions of three years previous, when Mr. Tenk was absent.

I would like to point out that if I’d been able to keep more than one militia member around Mr. Herding’s establishment, it is possible that they might have been able to keep the riot from starting in the first place.

Captain Hienrichs

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One Comment

  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 7, 2016

    Dear Mr Underpby,

     I hears there’s money being paid to them as was inconver
    inkon messed about with during the other night’s fracas,

     I were minding me own business, making my way down the
    street past an house of ill repute, when a gang of thugs, some of them
    disguised as Militia men, set upon me. When one of them foully swung low, I was
    inconvenienced by way of a black eye and some contuzi contuso
    scrapes an bumps to the back of my head when I hit it on the cobbles – which
    are the responsibility of the City!

     I were also offering aid and comfort to them as were about
    to be laid low, doing my Civic Duty in times of Trouble. This was at no small
    expense to me and my fellow Angels of Mercy and I am sure the City will see
    it’s way to recom rekomp paying for it.

     We waits for quick payment of this account.

     Yours sincerely

    Tepic Harlequin

    Captain of BUMS (retired)

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