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Edward Pearse

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His Grace, Colonel (ret.) Sir Edward Pearse, 1st Duke of Argylle, 12th Earl of Primbroke, KWL OWR

A founder of New Babbage.

Born in Edinburgh and emigrated to Caledon to seek his fortune. Edward Pearse was a resident of Caledon and the Duke of Caledon Argylle until the ”Open Space Distaster”.

Founder of Pearse’d & Cut Gentlemen’s Outfitters, Edward Pearse is known for his interest in kilts, uniforms and cartography. His shop in Babbage Square recently underwent a large refurbishment doubling the size of the building and is now the flagship location for his stores.

Handfasted to Christine McAllister since March of 2007. The couple make their home in Babbage Palisades.

Edward is one of the original DJs of Radio Riel and is known for his rather large collection of novelty music, which is showcased the monthly Saturday morning audio assault known as Breakfast in Babbage.

During the Neualtenburg War between Caledon and Neualtenburg, Edward was injured defending Kaiserin Kendra Bancroft. With the help of Timelord Oolon Sputnik, a prosthetic left arm was constructed, allowing him to retain the use of both arms.

Pearse'd & Cut, The Clarendon, Radio Riel Tower, The Rookery (Clockhaven).


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