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Breakfast in Babbage

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Breakfast in Babbage is a monthly dance held on Saturday mornings at The Clarendon in the Iron Bay district.Edward Pearse hosts the event and selects themed music from his extensive library of novelty music. Some say it is a crime and needs to be shut down in the name of Good Taste and Culture.

The first Breakfast was specifically requested by Mosseveno Tenk for the occasion of his second rezday. He wanted “something different and fun, like watching saturday morning cartoons in your pajamas while eating Captain Crunch cereal, and I want it at 8am.” The event was so successful that it became a regular happening.

The name of the event is switched to “Bedlam in Babbage” in the winter to accomodate Mr. Pearse’s beauty sleep, because of the two hour time differential when clocks change to daylight savings in California and standard time in Australia, .

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