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Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Stormy Arcana on June 16, 2010))

In the recent weeks I have decided to take a trip to my homeland, a place that I haven’t seen or set foot upon since I was a young child. Croatoa, a hearty land where the sun never truly rises.
I was most shocked when I arrived to see nothing recognizable of the place I had fond memories of. Seeing the island from the air was quite a shock, it resembles a crater in the ocean, the entire island seemed to of collapsed in on it’s self… Luckley however the beach and the cliff face which kept the island isolated was still intact.

I set up camp on the beach and made my way inland to investigate what may be left of my former homeland. Having prepared myself for the worst I found what may of left my people all but extinct. Once I made my way past the rock face I made my way down to the crater. which by now had become filled with water, resembeling a lake, I can only imagine how deep it is.

Later that evening,

I must be headed back to camp, It’s quite vexing how a whole island as massive as this managed to come to it’s current state, and what of the inhabitants? Did all my people perish in what ever caused this isolated cataclysm?

I do however feel very of the waters in the crater, It’s almost as if something is watching me from the murky depths. I wonder what my ,dear Helio would do in an instance like this… I will log tomorrows events. I shall muster up the courage to investigate the waters of the crater..

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