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I.K. Brunel Hall – The Extension

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

I.K. Brunel Hall – The Extension (again…for the second time)

((Posted by Victor on June 20, 2010))

Today marks the completion of yet another extension to the annex hall side.

Brain House was moved a couple of days ago by the urchins to a new spot, at the time i didnt want to buy the plot but then it started calling my name o.O. The extension hall runs the full length of the old Brian House plot and inside it is a fully refurbished bathing hall, extended steam sauna room and a lazy victorian hottub embedded inside the pool.

The extension makes the hall building the largest land based build in the city from what i can see of the map.

The hall, as viewed from the roof of the Aether Salon…

The new bathing hall, tub and sauna…

The hotel finally has some prims in reserve for a change…usefull for winter :)

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