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Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

Welcome to New Babbage, a city-state in the steampunk imagination located inside the virtual world of Second Life.
People have been telling stories in our sooty cobbled streets since early 2007, stories that have been lost. It is the hope that this wiki will facilitate turning the ever changing swirl of tales that is New Babbage into one cohesive story.

Due to a recent outbreak of spam, we’ve disabled the automatic signup of new accounts on the Wiki and limited the addition of comments to those with authorized accounts. If you’d like a new account on the Wiki an admin will need to create it for you; please contact Aeolus Cleanslate or Bookworm Hienrichs inworld to request an account. (Please note: This is a separate account from the main website, the Babbage Aethernet Reader. Miss Hienrichs is ”’not”’ an administrator on the main website, and is unable to create accounts there.)

==The News from New Babbage==
Our main out-world venue for communication is [ the Babbage Aethernet Reader]. You will find many photos and blog entries concerning events which have happened in world, which can be overwhelming considering the volume. In response to those who wish to stay current with the story without being sucked into social networking, there is a reverse-chronology event summary for your nightly reading pleasure here in this wiki.

[ Read the current headlines from New Babbage]

[ Read the newspaper of dubious accuracy, the New Babbage Free Press.]

The wiki is currently organized into the following categories.
* [ About Babbage]
* [ Builds of Babbage]
* [ Biographies of Citizens of New Babbage]
* [ Steampunk Philosophy]
* [ Steampunk Physics]
* [ The Other Steamlands]
* [ Poems]
* [ Tales and Stories]

==Historical Archives==
* [ New Babbage Cog] – Reporting from New Babbage’s first year: 2007

== Getting started ==
* An overview [[For Contributors]]
* When in doubt, look at a page that you would like to emulate for formating help.
Consult the [ User’s Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
* [ GREAT syntax cheatsheet]

* [ Configuration settings list]
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]

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