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The Seal of Khemet – Origins

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Aizek Tchailenov on May 11, 2010))

Esteemed Reader, is with indulgence I ask you to do the reading of the following lines, please comment, your opinion is of great importance to me.


Before telling you about the Seal of Khemet, I feel obliged to tell you a bit about this ancient nation that was Khemet.

Khemet was once a land of great knoledges and mysteries, believed to be one of the original civilizations of the world, it is in great measure responsible for a large part of our current civilization. A nation of progress, was ahead of its time in many centuries, thanks to the discovery of a interesting energy source, the Aethenergy, and the way to transform it into eletrical energy.

Well, the Aethenergy, was a great breakthrough, and of capital importance was to keep it in secret, that was why the then ruler of Khemet created a “secret” society of wise men and women who would dedicate themselves to the research of the Aethenergy and its uses. Such society was known as the Order of the Star of Khemet. Aislated in the sancticity of the Great Temple, they lived a life dedicated to the pursue of knowledge in all its forms, from arts to science and religion to politics, its symbol was the Seal of the Star of Khemet.

Now, the Fates that rules the world are treacherous, the war came, and the Order was though lost with the fall of Khemet into the hands of different tribes, but it in fact it survived in the shadows of oblivion, becaming an order of mystics and magic and the true meaning of its symbols were mostly lost. The Order as the nation disapeared as it was known into the multiplicity of new peoples that arrived, and ideas that they brought. But in the depths of Sheut (The Shadows) the Khemet Akh (The Light of Khemet)survived hidden in stone.

The Sheut was an ancient temple of Khemet, early known as Baka Khemet, was the main temple where the member of the Order gathered, and which saw its origins. The temple was abandoned and its secrets sealed when the Elders of the Order saw the uprising of the war on the horizon.

Well on my journeys through the world looking for the “Man who is not a Man” I came to meet a old scholar and wise men, he was a metallurgic and thought me about the Arcaii Silver and the Khemet Copper, and also about the Seal of the Star of Khemet and how it is believed that the creator of the symbol managed to hidden the secrets of the Order on its design.

Well not wishing to let such powerfull secrets to fall into the wrong hands, the Seal was divided into five parts, according to some, and into seven according to others, and one of them was the one that came to be known as the Seal of Khemet, is the only one found until now, and that I take as my own, wishing it to bring me luck in the quest for the other parts and on the search for the Sheut and the true secrets of the ancient and long lost Order of the Star of Khemet.

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