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The new world

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Posted by Max Mineff on June 2, 2010))

The loud whistle of the train blew into his ears, seaming like it was right next to him, its deafening roar stunning him for a few seconds. He hated that part about traveling on trains, though it was better then going in by sea. He could never get over his seasickness. A small smile flickered as the station came into view, his feet yearning to be free once more. He slung his only bag over his shoulder, pressing a hand quickly against his coat pocket for the letter he was meant to deliver from his Lord. The man gazed at the sooty sky his eyes widening briefly at the sight of an airshiphovering twenty feet above the skyline. His moth dropped a moment, marveling at the close view, the sight so close a rarity in his native England.

He blinked from the distraction, looking about, the empty station, his footsteps echoing the hollow halls as he sets out to explore the city. His rendezvous having apparently been unable to reach him immediately. The form quickly steps into a shadowed alley, his black suit and ebony fur shrouding him in quickly to the darkness, he sighed briefly as the familiar set in, and trudged on, a single name in his mind: Kuroe

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