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The Neighbors..chapter 13

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==The Neighbors..chapter 13…To regain that which was lost, freedom==

((Posted by Queer Hermit on July 25, 2010))

After the somber celebration of Mr. Merryman’s passing Miss Heinrichs came up to me. After exchanging the usual comments that are passed at such an event she says “I have talked to them all and they wish to return to the graveyard. After all it is their home an I think they would be happier there”.

“All right then.” I reply “Let us head over to your apartment and collect the shrine holders and I will most happy to take them home.”

We head over the cobble-stoned streets of New Babbage as the sun sets on this day. The clouds tinged with soot colors the sky with pastel hues of pink, orange, umber, and magenta. A good sign that the return will be successful I think. A few birds strike up a tune and a wiggyfish slaps the oily waters of the canal as we cross over the bridge. While this day has good reason to be dulled by the shared pain of its citizens, Miss Heinrichs and I will strive to end it on a small positive counter note.

We reach her apartment in good time and I wait while she unlocks her door. We enter the living room with the four shrine holders carefully paced upon her fireplace mantel. The holders have done their purpose well shielding each spirit from the Slenderman. But now is time for that purpose to end.

“Konbanwa, dear friends. The time has come for you to be returned to your resting places.”

"At last! It was a trifle confining in here and I will be glad to be able to move further than six feet at a time” This from Daniel the complainer.

Evie and Sofie just smile. They know that Tepic will be around soon to see them and play his flute.

“I guess I am ready.” This from Mac. What a curious response. Almost like one from somebody whose made an attachment. I wonder what kind..mmmm?

I collect all the shrine holders and with Miss Hienrichs assistance make my way down to the entrance of the graveyard. Attached to the top of the archway are the ofuda strips I placed earlier. They ask for peace and harmony for the graveyard just the thing it needs right now. The evening air causes them to flutter and you can hear the linen strips snap as the breeze teases them into motion. I walk in and place each one next to the grave I had opened. It seems so long ago that I dug here but I know it has been but a week or two. Behind me Miss Hienrichs stands at the archway not yet walking in. I watch her as she struggles a bit and then squares her shoulders, takes a deep breath, and then walks in. I suspect she still has issues with possession although I know she is working well with these four spirits now. Which strikes a cord within me but first to restore that which has been displaced for too long.

I stand back and enter the space of here/not here. I can feel the spirits as they swirl within their confines. Not much longer friends…

“Let that which has been displaced be returned. Let sorrow be replaced with joy. Those which were torn from their repose have been brought back safe and unharmed. Let the Kamisama of New Babbage welcome them as they return. Allow the servant of the temple to rejoice in the homecoming of the dead. So speaks the Shini Magimi of the temple!”

I clap my hands twice to complete the invocation. One by one the shimmering lights of the shrine holders dims and then blinks out as the relic is taken back and the spirit released from its small stone prison. I can sense the happiness as they all move about the graveyard now able to sample a larger area of movement. I turn and stamp upon each shrine holder, breaking it into small stone shards so no one can use them. I turn to Miss Heinrichs seeing the smile I have upon my face echoed on hers.

“Well, they are home, none the worse for wear.”

Miss Heinrichs looks about the graveyard and I can tell that she feel the happiness also just from the expression on her face.

“You know Miss Hienrichs, you and I now share a unique bond.”

Her eyebrows go up as she tries to puzzle this one through. “In what fashion and should I be worried?”

I chuckle warmly. “Not in the least. You have saved the spirits and having been working with them for such a long time; talking to the men, playing with Evie, reading with Sofie. You have the makings of a shrine maiden about you Book.”

We both laugh and then make leave to go our separate ways. I know my next target is Mr. Somerset. We have to get these wards down as they serve no real purpose.

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