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Seal of Khemet (4)

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==The Quest for the Seal of Khemet – Chapter 4 – A Little Talk==

((Posted by Aizek Tchailenov on August 4, 2010))

As the ship left the docks into the vernian sea, the figure of Mr. Chorster disappeared into the shadows of the harbour. This seemed to become a troubled voyage to Steeltopia. Before the cross into the Deep, I ordered the ship to a halt. There was one last thing to be done; as I prepare to leave the ship, my first mate enters my chambers. We had to arrange a course of action for the following days. A few moments later I was inside a mini submersible watching as the Asrael takes off into the dusk. Hopefully it will work out as planned.

As I submerge, I receive the good news, Chorster bite the bait, the Asrael was beign followed. I turned on the engines and headed to the city’s cannals, the only way to get to my destination unseen. As I headed myself into the cannals, I wen t through the plan once more, finding no danger on it, well no more than the acceptable on a mission like this and no less than I prepare my crew for. The depths of the cannals at night can be very tricky and dangerous, so keeping a shallow depth, but deep enough to go unseen to the unwarned eyes of the peasants, was the best line of action, I just hoped that Chorster hadn’t forseen I would use the cannals to get back to the city, so eager he was to put his hands on the second seal.


Meanwhile on board of the Asrael, the first mate orders a new destination, Steelhead. And as the ship turns, soaring the skies, Chorster’s airship comes into firing range. The board cannons are deployed, the fighters, kindly nicknamed as Sooty Terns by the crew, are raised to the flight deck; as the fighter’s pilot are briefed into their misison by Asrael’s first mate, a voice is heard all over the ship:

"We just left the Babbagian air space"

Now they we’re in no man’s land, and anything could happen.


The small vessel stops on a shallow secondary line that connected the sewer’s of the city with the cannals. I step down and walk a bit, the water over my knees, getting lower at each step. I keep walking until getting to a ladder nearby, hoping my message had been received, and that I would be expected. Time was short, and though this meeting was necessary, even more with the latest events occuring in the city.

I open the manhole as quietly as I can, the fade light of the street lamps kept that alley in the shadows, a perfect entrance. I get out into the alley, and place back the cover in the manhole. I cover my face with the coat’s collar, as I get near to the street. No one in sight, I turn back into the shadows. Suddenly a shadow within the shadows move. A deep voice is heard:

-"You’re getting out of shape Mr. Tchailenov. You’re late."

-"The time rushes my friend, where…"

I said while tapping him in the back gently, but before I could finish the phrase he pointed me a door, and vanished into the shadows, fusing himself with great mastery.

I headed to the door, opened it and climbed the stairs to the second floor. Now only a simple wood door separated me from that whom I came to see, I knock and wait.

A familiar face opens the door while a voice inside the room calls -"Come in Mr. Tchailenov, your message got me worried" – as the face at the door smile and let me get into the room.

-Thank you for receiving me on such a rush Your Grace. The matter we must discuss is of great importance.

-Well then take a seat. – Said the young gentleman sitting on the other side of the room, while making a gesture to the men at the door – wait outside and let no one enter.

-Yes M’Lord – said the men while leaving after making a bow.


Meanwhile over the oceans the Asrael was soaring the skies, the Sooties, serving as both scout and escort of the vessel makes swift passes over the ship and back.

Suddenly another ship appears behind Chorster’s craft, weaving a flag that only very few man from the southern steamlands have ever seen, the flag of the Empire of Normoor.

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