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Seal of Khemet (2)

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

The Quest for the Seal of Khemet – Chapter 2 – The First Clue!

((Posted by Aizek Tchailenov on June 28, 2010 ))

Journal entry by A. Typist – Secretary of Capt. Aizek Tchailenov of the ACS – Commander Asrael.

The way back to New Babbage was smooth as it could be, and even though the captain was most of the time at his chambers trying to solve the riddle of the seal, the mood of the crew was excelent, after all we were returning home after a long journey to far and exotic lands to try to gather as much information as we could to solve the riddle.

On the dusk of our arrival day, the captain ordered the watering a few miles from the babbagian waters, I only assumed he didn’t wanted to alarm the city, even more with the latest events concerning Steelhead. An armed ship as ours, are suspicious even in times of peace, and since we weren’t flying the babbagian colors, I believe the captains decision was the most accurate, anyway, actually only the captain knows why we really watered outside the city, but we didn’t care, for the simple sight of Clockhaven’s lights over the horizon was enough to get our thought back to that we were at home again.

After geting to the shores with smaller, unarmed ships, the captain dismissed the crew, and went straight to the city’s archives. I personally went for a drink with the crew.

At the dawn we finally met with our captain again, it seemed he had spent all night long at the archives. I do not know what he found out but when he returned he had a kind of glare in his sight. Everytime I see him like thatm or urged by emotions typical of humans and other living beigns I can only wonder if he is really just an automaton or if there is something else under the cold metallic surface. Anyhow, since we begun this quest I have the sensation that there is more on this than he told us.

Well, as the captain arrived, he commanded us to bring the ship to the docks, and prepare her for departure. As I left for the market, I saw the captain heading towards the Academy district, at that precise moment an idea stoke my mind as the lines of the riddle came back to me.

Could it be that we were living at the starting point all the time and didn’t realized? Could it be that New Babbage had been resting over the key for the Seal of the Star of Khemet? If it is, then I’m confidend the captain will find it!

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