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Return of the Slenderman – June 29

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

The Chronicles of Scottie Melnik – Return of the Slenderman – June 29

((Posted by Scottie Melnik on June 29, 2010))

What a week! There was a false alarm was sounded at the Militia Headquarters before the White Ball, the grand ball itself, a strange conversation with an even stranger man, and received a disturbing bit of new about someone in town possibly having a bit of an identity crises. I should say that while that that weekend was busy the following week and this past weekend was rather nice and easy for me. I got quite a bit of research done and I’m starting to make a little headway in understanding Moebius’ work.

But all of that is nothing (so far) compared to what happened tonight. I returned from a daytrip out of Babbage to procure more test samples and a few bottles of Green Fairy absinthe. I climbed the stairs to my lab and set everything in its place. I plopped into my favorite chair and began to relax when I felt that familiar coldness course through my body. I shivered and bolted upright in the chair. Where was it coming from? I’d been fairly diligent at keeping the silver-edged katana handy and I picked it up off the table, quickly securing it and walking around the lab, trying to get a feel for where that cold was coming from. It appeared to be from the front northeast corner of my shop.

I thought briefly about heading up to the roof, but dismissed the idea quickly. It had been up there before and the sliding door to the roof was shut. I didn’t want to meet it just as I was emerging and I surely didn’t want to become trapped up there with it. I decided to err on the side of caution and bound down the stairs, taking two at time and jumping the last four. I set my hand upon the katana’s handle and peered around to the left. Sure enough I caught the unmistakable glimpse of the shadow man, or the Slenderman, or Mr. Slenderman. It was leaving the shop and turning left down the street. It had actually been in my place of business; my home!

I ran to the northeast entrance, poking my head out and around the corner. It moved quickly past To-A-T and was rounding the corner of the Curious Seamstress, heading west. I ran after it with the intention of only following it. This thing was searching and I wanted to see what it was after. I came upon the corner and sure enough it was already passed the Curious Seamstress. I crept silently alongside the dress shop, careful not to make a sound when it stopped. I hopped toward the side door and slipped inside, I peered out and it had turned toward me, looking right at me. I say ‘looking’ because I could feel its gaze, not because I could discern any actual eyes.

It stalked toward me, taking long and almost casual strides. I stepped out from behind the door frame and dropped my hand to the weapon that had banished it once before. I studied it as it approached, relatively sure that my blade, which had stopped it before, would do so once again. It was strange, but the thing seemed to be more… defined. I noticed it had what looked like white shoes on. It still wasn’t clear but the swirling smoky mass seemed to have solidified a bit since our last encounter.

It continued to approach and I unsheathed the katana, crouching once again and holding the blade in front of me defensively. It got much closer this time and stopped. I wasn’t expecting an answer when I shouted “what do you want”, but lo and behold it spoke!


The shock that it even had a voice coupled with the alarm that it somehow had knowledge of my name made me shudder in revulsion. The voice… I can’t begin to describe it. It’s almost as though it didn’t come from any lips (that I could see) but as if it sounded in my head. But surely it had to have come from somewhere, right? My eyes widened and I couldn’t help but reply, stammering out, “W-w-what?”

I heard a raspy sound, almost like a soft chuckle, and it took a step toward me once again. Again, I couldn’t be sure if it was in my head or actual sound reaching my ears. I stepped back, gripping the handle of the blade tighter, and shouted once again, “Begone!” I really don’t know what I was thinking. In retrospect it was rather silly since this thing had never really obeyed a command before. I think it was shock with a dash of hopefulness that it just might this time. It didn’t.

Instead, it rasped out another quiet chuckle and stepped closer. Like my previous encounter I stood my ground this time and swung the blade in a slicing arc. And just like my previous encounter the blade went right through it. But this time it stood there. It didn’t vanish, it didn’t move, it just stood there.

I jumped back in even more surprise, if that was possible. I hadn’t prepared for this. I had thought I was relatively safe with the silver in the blade, but it appears I was mistaken. I had heard of it attacking Miss Anatra and I now broke out into a cold sweat, wondering what the hell I was going to do. My heart pounded and I found myself breathing heavily through the dreaded cold that seemed to encompass the air around me. It was a mere two meters when it spoke yet again.

“…..they’ve….made me…..stronger now…..”

For a split second I had almost consider sheathing the katana and standing there unarmed in an attempt to find out what it wanted, to possibly converse with it since it seemed like it wanted to talk.

But then it struck! The actual body didn’t move but the smoky tendrils upon its back lunged toward me in a stab. Basic survival instinct and the bit of training I had kicked in as I parried the thrust and swung my sword at the tendrils. Instantly I regretted the action because the sword had shown not to have any effect upon it. I hopped back yet again, putting enough distance between us to remain out of reach, shouting, “What do you want!?”

The tendrils I had taken a swipe at dissipated into shadow and I heard that raspy sound I had come to equate to a chuckle one last time. It rose into the air quickly and vanished.

My heart raced and sweat poured from my face. The unearthly coldness was slowly seeping from the atmosphere and being replaced by the natural warmth of the evening. The adrenaline which had me keyed up was ebbing as the katana, light as it was, felt heavy in my now trembling hand. I carefully replaced it within the saya and made my way to Mr Footman’s. My legs felt like lead and my head buzzed with all of this new information.

I happened to catch him at work and filled him in on the experience. He said he was going to try and erect some containment field. I told him I was going to contact Miss Hermit on the matter, which he agreed with. I’m also going to send notes to Miss Anatra and Miss Netizen on the matter, since we had all followed it once before.

As I left Mr Footman to return to my shop to write this, he waved and said, “Take care, don’t harass it if you see it!” I laughed at this and nodded, but all I could think was: what if it’s the one harassing me?


*Comment by Scottie Melnik on June 29, 2010 at 5:38am
sends notes and retires for the night, keeping the katana close by (for whatever it may be worth) and planning to not get much sleep

*Comment by Sky Netizen on June 29, 2010 at 7:17am
reads her note and feels a cold shiver run up her spine

*Comment by Ryne Beck on June 29, 2010 at 7:58am
I am hearing whispers of sightings of this Slenderman all over town – mainly from the Urchins and of the “a friend swears ‘ee saw it g’vnr!” variety, still this latest development is worrying to say theleast! Take care, sir!

*Comment by Gabriell Anatra on June 29, 2010 at 7:02pm
I did feel it that night at the Gangplank! I’d bet good money on it.

The sword didn’t stop it then?

This could be a problem. The lightning rifles may not work either.

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