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Private Journal 070218xx

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Private Journal 07.02.18xx==

((Posted by Queer Hermit on July 2, 2010))

Just a few quick notes to you dear Journal. I fear events are happening so quickly that I will forget them and then what shall I tell Father and the monks?

The temple holders worked beyond my wildest hopes. I have saved all the resident ghosts that answered my call. The four I know the best will be staying in a safer house than mine for the time being. I have terrible feelings of guilt having to open their graves but it was the only way we all knew how. The cuts on my hands hurt a lot but the bandaging done by Miss Heinrich and the use of her antiseptic procedures have lessen the pain. I keep the holders of some new ghosts at home so I may become friends with them also. A pigeon has been dispatched to the temple with an update as I as sure they all are worried about me.

I have bundled all the ofuda strips into a package and set it on my flower box outside the door to my flat. Anyone can get a set for their home. I hope it helps until Mr. Footman can set the trap. I know Mr. Slenderman is walking the streets more often and I fear what will happen if he obtains another host.

I wish I could help Mrs. Barry and the ones who are not buried in the grave yard. I just do not know how to. I can only hope that Mr. Footman’s device is selective and they are not harmed. Knowing his track record, I can only pray for a miracle.

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