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Private Journal 07.24.18xx

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Queer Hermit on July 24, 2010))

I am writing this just after midnight so pardon my sloppy penmanship dear Journal.

So many things touching upon death and courage and matters of the spirit have occurred this week. I hardly know where to begin. Father said to observe and learn and I have tried my best to do so.

I have been watching with interest an activity called the Relay for Life for several weeks. New Babbage and quite a few other city-states have collected a huge sum of money to assist in the research to cure the disease known as cancer. The sheer amount of energy and the wide array of methods has surprised me. I would have never thought that so many citizens could come together for one purpose!

The culmination of the event was the creation of an immense ring where people would walk for various reasons, some public and some private, all with a smile while being cheered on by people standing by the side of the path. The most creative builders in the land had their best works on display in support of this effort. This was truly a victory over death on many different levels.

While victory was achieved by the Relay, death still reminded us all that it deals the ultimate hand in the game of life. Mr. Greg Merryman was torn from our bosom suddenly and without warning. While I did not know him in person I understand from others that his skill in building and in teaching touched many citizens in New Babbage. A shrine was built for him at the Relay and in keeping with Shinto tradition I played the shamisen and also payed the death gift by buying for a memorial light for him. I have also walked a lap of that track in his honor and have been in the mourning dress which I will wear until after the memorial service in the city. According to Shinto beliefs, a person who has lived honorably becomes a god or Kamisama and inhabits an object upon their death. I would like to think that his spirit would reside in something he built for New Babbage.

Speaking of spirits, I have finished my work to remove the foul stench of Mr. SLenderman and to sanctify it once again. As the final piece I hung ofudas of peace and good luck over the archway to the grave yard. After the memorial service for Mr. Merryman I would like to bring them home to their graves once again. Then I will search out Mr. Somerset to remove his wards. Mr. Footman has already blown to pieces nicely removed all the devices from the grave yard and his lab so I think we can get back to normal…whatever is considered normal for New Babbage.

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