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Private Journal 06.02.18xx

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Queer Hermit on June 2, 2010))

Well Journal so many things are happening at the same time, just where do I begin? There appears to be an event occurring that could plunge Babbage into a state of armed conflict. A known arsonist was taken by force from another Steam Land and brought to trial, But, in addition to said seizure, there appeared to be another darker transaction which took place with the arsonist and the Mayor. I have heard of the term "a pound of flesh owed" in the making of a wager but never thought that it would actually take place. The citizens are in a tizzy over this with several factions emerging. I continue to observe and learn, as that was Father’s instructions when he sent me here.

The return of Mr. Underby continues to puzzle me. I was thinking that his wife was more than capable of handling herself in the darker matters of Babbage. To my mind, his re-entry into city activities will only cause her problems. I find his self centered mono-mania an interesting study but I believe the wife is the stronger of the two in necromancy. I wonder why she lets him live? Ah well, even a dull sword has a purpose I guess.

The water spirit still has not returned. This bothers me at several levels. Could the person it seeks be truly gone from this space? Is the ocean that vast? Did I eat enough wiggyfish? I hesitate to repeat the summons but if it does not appears soon I might have too. *sighs* I never was a patient girl while at the temple as the pile of broken switches in the senior monk’s office will attest.

Mr. Slenderman must be furious at the way our combat turned out. I was hoping for Daniel to reason with him however I am hearing stories of attempted possession coming through the grapevine and urchin network. I must get down there and see what I might do. As long as the wards Mr. Somerset stay strong, he should remain contained. I did post a sign at the gateway. I hope that does not disappear.

On a much, much happier note I have taken a little singleton into my home. Her name is Lucie and she is as cute and charming as they come. We have shopped together, which all ladies knows is a bonding method that creates wonderful friendships. I wonder if she is miko material?

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