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Personal Work Log; “A Heated Encounter”

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Cral Denimore on July 13, 2010))

Last evening, while making some further adjustments to the Magnetic Zeppelin on the Fabricatorium’s Airship Platform, I noticed a glow off to the North over the canal. I immediately realized it was another fire in New Babbage! Hurriedly, I returned to the workshop floor via the Steam Elevator, quickly installed the firefighting attachment on “Rusty,” and proceeded across the canal to investigate with Rusty in tow.

Sure enough, an eerie blaze had completely engulfed an entire lot in New Babbage! Instructing Rusty to douse the flames, I engaged the young lad standing nearby in conversation. He indicated he’d inadvertently “pressed the wrong button” and began the conflagration. I re-assured him that these things happened in the pursuit of scientific progress, and to not be too hard on himself. I was quite relieved to hear at least, that it wasn’t more of the work of the Pirate Kuroe. I don’t believe that the nefarious bunny is doing too much hopping about lately anyways…

As I was concerned for the lad, I offered him the grimy pallet I keep on the workroom floor for the night. “Just shovel some coal into the boiler to earn your keep” I told him, and said I would put out a glass of milk and some leftover Wiggyfish Soup just in case. I don’t believe he took me up on the offer, probably out of dread fear of a little honest work, no doubt. Pffft. Urchins!

This morning I went round to the lot to take a close look. Much to my surprise, there were no debris at all. No charred timbers or scorched foundation block. Nothing! Just an strange glow emanating from the center of the lot.

Odd. Very odd. Someone’s been meddling with something they shouldn’t. To top it off, there was an odd thrumming coming from a building just off to the West, towards Iron Bay. And quite near the Fabricatorium, at that. Might even throw off the lifting fields on the Magnetic Zeppelin! Perhaps it warrants some further investigation. I’d be willing to bet that damnable Footman’s at the bottom of it all. Some crazy experiment of his gone awry again, no doubt…

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