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Neighbors Epilogue

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==The Neighbors…Epilogue==

((Posted by Queer Hermit on August 6, 2010))

It was not long after the dropping of the wards that I paid a visit to the graveyard. The men were gone it turned out to be a ladies night. I let Evie possess me so that she could play with Gloria and some other toys I brought with me. After a bit Evie released me and Sofie came to me and read a chapter book to Evie and myself. How odd to be reading but not turning the pages!

Afterwards I unrolled my carpet and brought out the shamisen and played to them. In all respects it was a elegant evening for ladies. We talked about quite a few things. Then the talk drifted over to what had happened with all events of the past few months. In a way, it gave us all a chance to release some feelings and ask some questions. I believe all of us were tying up the loose ends.

“I visited Tepic’s camp! It was very cute, so I only spooked a little and just moved a few things around to different places.”

“Please remember to be nice to Tepic Evie or he may not play for you anymore.”

“Oh, should I put everything back then?”

“No, I think he will know that you were just having fun.”

Sofie draws closer…”I think you should know this, all the spirits that were not buried here were trapped with Mr. Slenderman.”

My hand flies to my throat…”Even Mrs. Barry?”

“Yes dear, but you knew that she was accepting of it. There was nothing you could really do. I believe that she has returned to her own space because of it.”

“I certainly hope so. I did not mean for her to trapped for all time with him.”

Evie looks at her feet, “I hope she is okay too. I liked her and wished she could go back to sleep again.”

We all fall silent for a moment. Such a brave soul to go her way with such calmness.

To break the mood I ask…”What has happen since the wards have been dropped?”

Sofie replies, “Daniel has been positively living in the Academy. He is looking in secret areas for information about Mr. Footman’s device and why Mr. Slenderman felt he was so close to completing it. Mac has been at each and every tavern and bar in Babbage. He claims that he is not possessing anyone but is just having a great time by just being there. I also notice him looking at Miss Hienrichs apartment a lot. Evie is being a happy girl again. What child likes to be cooped up? And me…I visit the salons and balls and parties and quietly enjoy the social life of New Babbage as I did before. What of Tasha, Goddess of Death? How fares she?”

I smile, “Tasha lives with me still. We talk about many things that a lady should know. As you know already, I am not from around here so Tasha is being an instructor of sorts. We had differing opinions on what I do for Father. She believes carrying a katana is so unladylike!”

We all have a great laugh at this. “She should see what some of the other ladies carry on them.” says Evie, “She would faint away. I did not play with her too much because she put on airs.”

“Evie, such a thing to say!” replies Sofie.

I rise from my carpet and put away the shamisen. ”It has been a pleasure catching up on how things have ended. I will have to stop by again soon or now you can visit me.”

Both the spirits wave as I leave the graveyard. By all accounts this has ended well…

Thanks to the following:
Mr. Somerset
Mr. Footman
All the Slenderman chasers (there were quite a few)
and to my dear sister-miko
Bookworm Hienrichs
This could not have been done without all your help.

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