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Journal Entry – May 30th

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

((Posted by Victor on May 30, 2010))

Journal Entry, April 5th, 188…*sound of someone banging in terror on the “back door” of Fullarton Lab*

Mornington chuckles to himself

So, here I am again putting pen to paper on another “summer” evening in sooty old New Babbage.

I’m a quiet type, keep myself to myself. Never bother anyone with latest findings on my travels back and forth via the lab, heck, to anyone outside of the lab Fullarton House just looks like an old disused Jewish Synagogue…probably cause it is a disused synagogue.

There’s always that one or two though…

pauses as he hears more screams of terror and banging on the “back door” of the lab

First it was some “explorer” type of chap…goes and wanders into the lab when i wasnt in and then enters the vortex while the dang console was still in flight. Dropped him off in the middle of no mans land…a land that even i try and avoid…the lost mile. Getting him back ripped the guts out of the museum peice i was using for a console back then.

Luckilly enough though times change, and with it peoples perception of me.

I’m now a well respected hotelier in New Babbage, perfect cover for the not so well respected things im up to in the lab in Clockhaven. Even with the burning down of not one, but two seperate buildings in clockhaven and all the massive attention the region got, no one looks to the strange domed house sitting by the dock…

It was one of the first buildings to open when Clockhaven was uncovered by the Mayor, what seems like a lifetime ago now.

It’s a recognised building, a known landmark, belonging to that “man who own the big hotel in academy”.

pulls the door lever of the back door entrance to the house

shouts through the open entrance

“You had enough yet?!”
“Yes Mr Mornington! Please sir! Let me back in!”

watches as a stranger appears from the wall and wanders off down the lift to whereever he came from

…but theres always that one or two who poke their noses where it shouldnt belong…

For the past 3 months, heck, maybe even more, I’ve had the feeling i’ve been being watched by someone. I;m used to being watched. Outside of this particular timeline of Babbage, back in my own reality I’m always watched, usually by different political sections of the governing body of the High Council. I’m used to being watched…but not here, not in New Babbage.

This city is a temporal “offset”, it;s a place that cannot be figurativley touched by the High Council due to the circumstances of the sealing of the Old Quarter. Time here is locked, and its one of those locks that are ancient. It’s the reason why I came here in the first place…more than a year ago.

They cant watch me here.

However someone is. I’ve been hearing it time and time again. Eyes in the night following people around. Just a couple of weeks ago that newly married couple, well, not newly married now, who live in old boneheads apartment in clockhaven…heard them whispering to each other about being “watched”. Even in the Gangplank both the old and the new, whisperings of someone watching people. At first i thought it was just people getting all worried due to the snow melting and that big yellow thing in the sky called the Sun starting to appear again…but I started to get the feeling of being watched as well, and no one watches me without a damn good reason.

Today was a dog day for me, one of those days where the…problem…i encountered on my travels rears its long teeth and furry ears and pops into existance. I’m still me, i just look like a dang dog walking on two legs. Usually when im in this state i lock myself away in the lab or the hotel and wait till it subsides but this evening i heard a scratching sound on the roof of Mr Rip’s aquarium building, the watcher was back again. It was blatantly obvious that this individual had actually seen me transform…something no one in babbage, or even in the High Council, has seen…so I had to act.

Landing the console within the city i made my escape via the back door. Fullarton house has only one single visible entrance on the outside, when i vanished the follower no doubt entered the front door. I counted to 5 when i arrived in Academy…hit the statenheim lock, and locked the front door behind the spy, counted to 5 again to give him enough time to reach the lab and entered the house via it’;s back door…slammed the take off lever, grappled the now surprised spy and threw him into the now landed console.

I purposefully landed it in a special place i know…its called 3000 metres in the air, above the volcano surrounding the Isle of Wyrms cathedral, with nothing to hang onto but a slim, bare patch of rock which slowly gives way as each moment ticks past.

No doubt this spy, watcher, whatever, will go running back to whomever he is working for within this city and tell him of every single deed I have done today, but plausible deniability works wonders…

…I am afterall, the well respected Hotelier and inventor in New Babbage, what would a simple plain man like myself be up to in a rickety old worn down vacated synagogue in Clockhaven?

chuckles as he closes the journal book and pours himself a cup of tea


*Comment by Aizek Tchailenov on May 30, 2010 at 3:14am
((very interesting.. *takes note* keep a “prudent” distance from the synagogue))

*Comment by Grendel Footman on May 30, 2010 at 12:46pm
I remember walking into a doorway in that synogauge that just lead to a void, between that and what hints I’ve seen imprinted in my maid’s cognigator, another investigation might be neccisary
makes a note, pay attention to Mr. Mornington’s times away

*Comment by MichaelD Mannonen on May 30, 2010 at 1:10pm
Dear Journal,

I awoke today with the usual feeling that I was NOT being watched in any manner…

Time for tea.

*Comment by Ryne Beck on June 29, 2010 at 4:20am
Firstly I’d like to say that had I known in advance of your hotel in Academy I would have asked to have been billeted there during my stay.

((And then secondly what a marvellous post! You’ve given me some ideas for a storyline in Steelhead – TY!))

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