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It’s So Fun Living with the Underbys

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

((Posted by Stargirl Macbain on June 15, 2010))

My mind is chaos, which I why I have not written in you for some time.

Gus continues to be missing. I suspect it is time I now took the hint from fate. A dead husband and a missing fiancé. Whatever is in store for me, I clearly must go it without a partner.

Thankfully I have good friends to make-up for that lack of evening confidant. And Kaylee, as always, is a charming roommate and most evenings Jeddy is around too keep my spirits up. I can say I certainly do not lack for love in my life.

Somehow, though, it doesn’t quite fill-up the dark hole that has formed. But I’ll get through it. Perhaps I should put Kay in charge of the Gangplank for a while and take to the skies, I always feel better when the ground is rolling away from my feet.

Another spot of trouble is this: I cannot sleep.

Well, I could sleep, if the banging would stop. Every evening, just as I’m falling asleep, I’ll start hearing knocking on the walls. It gets louder and louder until finally I am sitting up, wide-awake, trying to figure out what it is. It’ll fade away once I’m awake and later, when I’m just starting to drift-off again, it’ll start all over. It’s happened for the last week at least and the lack of sleep is starting to give me a headache. Perhaps I should have someone check the steam-pipes beneath the Gangplank? Or could it be rats running through the walls?

I cannot imagine what it is. But it is troublesome. It does seem to be another good reason to take to the skies for a little while. I’d say I’ll sleep on it but, dear journal, sleep is rather limited.

In the meantime I’ve got my hands full with my business. It would appear that something is going on over at the bakery. Mrs. Underby has had a number of poor batches come out and she has come to me demanding restitution in the form of Mr. String being sacked. I’ve told her that that was a ridiculous notion. Mr. String is a fine employee, reliable, timely and the customers seem to enjoy him a great deal. Also, she could produce no proof that it was Mr. String who had done anything to her bread, particularly when I pointed out that he cannot set foot in her Bakery at the moment.

That woman has quite the temper on her, I’ll say that much. But I’ll not bow my head to ANYONE, especially an Underby!

One thing which did make me nervous, however. One evening when I was having trouble sleeping I came down to the commons room to have a cup of tea and perhaps read a book and I found Mrs. Underby standing over Mr. String, who was quite asleep and she had something in her hand which, it appeared (as very strange as this sounds),that she was about to put in his mouth. When she saw me she pocketed whatever it was and turned her cold eyes on me.

I loathe her.

"Whatever you were doing, I catch you at it again and I’ll take a sledge-hammer to both your ovens without hesitation, got it?" I hissed at her, if I’d had my fur on, I can assure you, It’d be standing on end.

Her reply was the usual snide comment which I cannot even be bothered to write here. It was a mistake to allow her to invest in the Gangplank, however badly I needed the assistance. I don’t know why i didn’t consider asking Jed or Kay to help me, or even Mayor Tenk, I know he’d’ve been happy to make a deal with me. But when she spoke to me about it, it seemed the most reasonable answer.

A moment of temporary insanity, surely.



*Comment by Mr Underby on June 15, 2010 at 1:27pm
Yes, surely…

*Comment by Zaida Marie Thibideaux Gearbox on June 15, 2010 at 7:54pm
Miz Star – Imma sure some of de urchins would have pitched in to help you. We laike you.

*Comment by Skyler ‘Artful Dodger’ Gant on June 15, 2010 at 10:41pm
Miss Stargirl, find Crispin. He can help with finding the source of the noises coming from the walls. If you want.

*Comment by Gabriell Anatra on June 16, 2010 at 12:01am
It’s probably rats. The flour attracts them you know.

*Comment by Pippin Jollygoodfellow on June 16, 2010 at 9:22am
watches Miss Star climb into bed, and eventually drift off into sleep

begins to scratch on the insides of the walls

*Comment by Zaida Marie Thibideaux Gearbox on June 16, 2010 at 10:39am
Miz Star, Ah cin loan you kitty if’n dere rats bothering you. Him eat de rats right up!

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