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Investigative Journal – June 8th, 188x

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

((Posted by Mr. W—— on June 8, 2010))

Though I am not an avid writer and often see no purpose in laboring to recover the minutes of my day, I will heed Miss Dagger’s advice and see that I do just that. I fear she is most accurate in her estimation that such record will be of substantial use in this new undertaking; for her sound advice and the kind gift of this fine leather bound journal, I will owe her a great deal more than thanks. To that end, I should report what has transpired to present:

After meeting with the Clockwinder I saw to the promise of leaving at the earliest possible moment. While I personally saw to my luggage, my valet was dispatched to secure passage. Within a day I was at sea and must say that I am most pleased with the decision to travel to Steelhead via Armada. Whereas I, and the other passengers that accompanied me aboard the junk Huài Yùnqì, were left unaccosted at the docks, those unfortunate souls arriving directly from New Babbage were met by an angry mob, hurling all manner of slurs, threats, and (of all things) bad fish. I took a moment to note the disheartening scene, before catching a passing rickshaw that would carry me and my luggage out of the Shanghai District. If what I just witnessed is any indicator, it would seem that my work here is very much cut out for me.

It had been some time since travelling by rickshaw and I am most eager to never do it again. Two brandies did nothing to dull the ache…

It took some time to find suitable lodging; it had to be something situated within short distance of either City Hall and a viable mode of transport; suitable in taste for a gentleman such as myself, but quaint and quiet enough so as to obscure my presence. Just the place could be found at the Fiddler’s Corner. It is a well placed, most accommodating and unassuming venue…I daresay perfect for my needs. The elderly fellow who let me the room was most kind in seeing that my letters made their way out on the next packet. I know the Clockwinder will be pleased to read of my arrival and where he might send any correspondence; I also sent word to the troubled young woman who inquired after my help. I do not suspect she will reply, but it should ease her some to know where I may be found if or when needed.

After seeing to the usual tasks of “staging” my room and belongings (most useful in detecting prying eyes and fingers), I made a short stroll of my surrounding neighborhood. After taking a lunch, during which time I enjoyed the two aforementioned brandies, I made plans of my main and alternate routes to the locations I should need to visit. It proved to be of little effort, so I lingered a little to sample the house claret before returning here to my room.

Alas…my pocket watch has shown me that I am due to catch my growler to City Hall. It is time to make introductions…


*Comment by Aizek Tchailenov on June 8, 2010 at 9:20pm
Good luck Sir with your endeavours

*Comment by Sky Netizen on June 9, 2010 at 1:16am
fills with anger at the though of travelers from Babbage being greeted with a mob

Ah, sir, I hope you can bring some sense to this situation. If you fail, well….let’s not discuss that.

Is that ticking I hear?

*Comment by Cral Denimore on June 9, 2010 at 1:27pm
God speed good sir.

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