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Investigative Journal – June 11th – 13th, 188x

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Mr. W—— on June 14, 2010))

While it has been a most laborious process, seeking witnesses, gaining testimony, and doing my very best to quell the rancorous opinion of the Steelhead populace, I am confident now to say I am making progress. Just this evening I have finally received an invitation to meet with the Honorable Mayor, Mr. Eclipse. I have selected my very best attire (many blessings to Miss Blakopal for her phenomenal sense of style and unrivaled selection of gentlemen’s clothing), and will make my way there at once.

I must say, Mr. Eclipse (or Lunar, as he asked me to call him), is a most interesting and agreeable man. Our exchange at his office was very brief, due to some construction occurring at City Hall, so he proposed we take supper this evening at his private residence to negotiate further. Although my experience with his race is not extensive, in the short time we spent together, I have concluded he is (as our Clockwinder is) a credit to them. I am very hopeful for this evening’s negotiations.

June 12th, 188#

Taxing is not the word for it…confounding perhaps. My estimation of ‘Lunar’ has never dulled and I have since learned that he is a masterful politician and skilled negotiator. He has graciously permitted us our capture of CPT Kuroe, but insists on several measures being taken to ensure absolute impartiality where the Captain’s treatment is concerned…and specifically on any terms concerning a trial. I did, however, secure a victory for our Honorable Clockwinder, Mr. Tenk, on the matter concerning Kuroe’s amputated leg. He will be most pleased, I am sure. We continue the negotiations this evening, after we have supped; I will be a guest again at Mr. Eclipse’s residence.

June 13th, 188#

SUCCESS! Or at the least, some success. I have guaranteed a temporary Terms of Treaty between New Babbage and Steelhead. The moment I had it in hand I sent word, via the telegraph service and post packet, to the Clockwinder so that he may review them before my return. I hope he finds them easily agreed to…they are perhaps the best we might hope for at the moment.

‘Lunar’, the absolute gentleman that he is, insists on seeing me off and has even asked me back to Steelhead at sometime in the near future. I assured him that some occasional “clean air” has its uses, even for lungs as old as mine and readily agreed to the invitation. With the terms in hand, I will catch the evening airship, NBS Cairo, direct to New Babbage. With a little luck, I will arrive in time to meet with the young woman who has requested my assistance. I received word by way of letter this morning that she had much to discuss with me. I can only surmise from the questions in her correspondence that it relates to my aforementioned concerns. For now…I pack.

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