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Gilhooly Skute’s statement

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

Me Statement to the Militia Bloke (Murder Mystery II)
Posted by Gilhooly Skute on November 29, 2009 at 2:58pm

Wot I saw at Pennyfeather Park, right.

Skyler Gant was walkin’, an’ I was walkin’, and we met up at the park, so we ‘ad a chat. Me crutches was slippin’ a bit on the snow, so I ‘eaded fer that raised up area wif the grey stones, an’ we talked a bit.

‘E’s still wifout all memories since ‘e left the orphanage the first time. ‘E still don’ remember me nor Babbage at all. Sad really. ‘Least ‘is arm’s gettin’ better. But I worry, aye?

We chatted a bit, then this bloke came in… Skyler goes nutters, says it’s Bloody Bill DeFaw from that Caledon orphanage wot ‘e just escaped from the second time!

DeFaw says Skyler’s goin’ back one way or t’other. Skyler says no way no ‘ow, ‘e’s gonna kill DeFaw iffen ‘e touches Skyler! I run off, best I can run in two crutches, a boot, an’ a sock, tryin’ to find ‘elp.

I notice mister Undertone o’ the militia out near the militia office down the way, an’ run toward ‘im yellin’. ‘E comes, I tell ‘im wot’s wrong, an’ we rush towards the park.

Meantime, Skyler comes runnin’ after. ‘E’s got blood on ‘im! Says somethin’ ‘orrible’s ‘appened but ‘e didna do it.

We get back, ta find mister DeFaw croaked in the ‘ead, a bloody brick next to ‘im. Snow’s bloody, ‘e’s bloody, brick’s bloody, Skyler’s bloody.

I dunno… Skyler’s been all wonky since ‘e fell offa Underby’s roof (after I did), broked ‘is arm an’ concussed ‘is ‘ead, then was kidnapped an’ tortured. That’ll be enough fer anyone to go off, I imagine, but Skyler’s always been… on the edge. ‘E pulled a gun on missus Macbain fer suggestin’ she adopt ‘im!

So Undertone drags Skyler off ta gaol fer a trial an’ all that.

sighs Poor Skyler.


*Reply by Wiggy Undertone on November 29, 2009 at 6:26pm
Thank you for this honest and complete statement Mr. Skute. I know it pains you to have your friend Skyler caught up in this sad business, but you did the right thing by coming forth with your statement.

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