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Footman’s Log, June 10th, 18XX

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Grendel Footman on June 10, 2010))

These sightings of the shadowman have gotten worse apparantly, with people spotting him outside the cemetary. And he apparantly may have tried possessing others as well.

I had shut down the Geistmagorium to see if it possibly will cut off one energy source. And for once it stayed off.

but the sightings had continued. Then the Badger alerted me to the demolished crypt, this was of course the last straw.

After meeting with Miss Anata who had taken to standing watch over the graveyard, and loaning her one of my Etheric Lightning packs, I sent a breif letter to Miss Frye, asking for the loan of one of her anti-magic devices, as with some adjustment, they could possibly be used for disrupting the Ectotheric energy a ghost uses for their form, and to interact with the world of the living. Hopefully this will calm the activity of the graveyard enough to disperse the shadowman for good. Sadly I will have to move my work with the geistmagorium to another location as it’s workings would also be disrupted. I haven’t had much luck contacting an engineer, though Miss Hermit after last meeting had said she beleived the shadowman was one.

I’ve also since examined myself after my recent run in with the trolly, he bones seem all healed, with no necrosis, the final test basically of the serum seems a success, but I will not be releasing it to the general public, as my original intention was, as it is still slightly dangerous. I instead developed a balm, using some of the same ingredients as the serum, (with wiggyfish added for flavor) as an all purpose cure all, despite a minor side effect being the temporary status as a female, a quick recall and remixing of the balm seemed to handle it.

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