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Footman’s log, July 9th, 18XX

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

Mr. SLenderman has been contained. Mr. Melnik, and Miss’s Anatra, Heinrichs and Hermit had gone searching for him, armed with weapons and using Bookworm as bait.
I stayed in the graveyard, making adjustments on the device, when with a silent hiss, Mr. Slenderman materialized above it, reeling in pain, they must have wounded it, forcing it back to the graveyard.

I quickly threw the switch and took a step back as the feild activated. Mr. Slenderman raged behind the arcs of energy, until finally using up the last of his reserves, his shadowy form dissapated. I advised everyone who gathered to leave the graveyard, as the feild was growing, and I was not sure yet what it’s effect wold be on the living.

The feild should be enough to contain Mr. SLenderman and any of the remainng spirits, similar to the anti-magic devices of miss Frye’s, it disrupts the ecto-theric energy that allows a ghost or spirit to interact in our world. Slenderman would not be able to manifest, rip into any more graves to devour anymore spirits of the dead, or leave.

There was some discussion, Mss Hermit had asked if it was permanent, or if she could return the refugee spirits eventuall, I assured her I would find a way to transport the device without releasing Mr. Slenderman. Or, barring that, if there was a way i could extract him possibly. Eitherway, for now, the cemetary is under quarentine, the Badger has been informed not to intern anymore for now until we can move it out of there.

Miss Hermit dissapeared via smokebomb, Miss Heinrichs returned home to find curtians so she can sleep without being distrubed by the feild’s lights.

and I told Mr. Melnik and Miss Anatra to go get a drink at the gangplank on my tab, while I went to go telegraph an order to ichor Falls for some instruments. I have a new project now.


*Comment by Gabriell Anatra on July 10, 2010 at 2:24am
Ah, that was a bit of excitement! It’s a good thing it worked. He was getting stronger. I had another encounter with him the night before . . ah well, I’ll go into more detail in a later writing.

((I’ll write that up and put it in a blog post, probably Sat. or Sun. ))

*Comment by Scottie Melnik on July 10, 2010 at 4:08am
It was incredible, and it took all of us working together to put a dent in it. I shudder to think of what might have happened had it become even stronger yet…

*Comment by Queer Hermit on July 10, 2010 at 1:57pm
I watched with great satisfaction as that bastard of the night was sucked into the device. Rot in hell Mr. Slenderman!

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