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Footman’s Log, July 16th, 18XX

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Grendel Footman on July 16, 2010))

I had been preparing to pack up the Geistmagorium for transport to the Harbor Landing labs until a suitable time to return to hat particular project, when just to see if maybe one last shot could contact the engineer I had been hoping for, I reactivated it. I had forgotten the apparant meddling by some others tat I had never rectified, (the SLenderized #13, and the Badger had informed me Nightshade had mucked with the machine as well) It made a sizzling noise, then, rather than the low hum and gradual materialization of a spirit, instead it make a booming noise, and a gate of sorts opened up, the horrors I saw within, sparkling vampires, badly draw moving illustrations shiftng spazmadically, something called ‘the Face-books", and tentacled teddybears based off of elder gods. On the one hand it was fascinating, except for the sparkling vampires that is.

Then the shoggoth started crawling through, Shoggoth’s I know and can deal with. I quickly shut down the machine, then realized the emergency brake was disconnected! the shoggoth was crawling itself in more, filling up the room, so I did a last didth effort, and tossed one of the explosive devices I had leftover from trying to explode the martian structures last summer, and lobbed it.

Amazingly, there was little damage to the plant, I needed an injection, but no broken bones, the machine though, was in shambles. After picking through the smoking wreckage, I decided there was little to salvage, I’d have to rebuild it eventually, fr now however I have tasked Miss Gizzy and the pengi with cleaning it up and carting it out as I work on other projects, like refining the balm so it does not randomly change genders.

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