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Footmans Log 070218XX

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Footman’s Log, July 2nd. 18XX==

((Posted by Grendel Footman on July 2, 2010))

I have received word that Miss Hermit has preformed what rituals she required to remove certian ghosts and have finished the preperation on the Anti-Ectotheric Containment Device.

It should trap SLenderman inside the graveyard, along with whatever ghosts remain. I need Mr. SLenderman there in the graveyard to activate it first however, as he has had free reign in the city though, that may be tricky…

I may need to lay a trap, lure him back to the cemetary perhaps, or have someone disrupt his energy as he is out, sending him back in time for the activation. eitherway it is a tall order to fill, but the effects should be interesting.

The Geistmagorium is a failure at this point, Once the AEC Device is actvated, I can’t risk activating the other machine, as it could cause an aetheric loop, and ther eis no telling what could happen then. the AEC however, if it works, will be a new direction in my research. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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