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Extending my stay in New Babbage

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

(Posted by Kimika Ying on April 3, 2010 at 10:00pm)

I spent the week of the Oiling Festival here while working on my Honking Big Machine exhibit (industrial use of a Martian Heat Ray).

In preparation for the build I learned that a Martian cylinder had fallen here in the city during the invasion. Naturally my interest was peaked and I’ve returned and am now renting a house here while I search for artifacts that may have been missed during the cleanup and reconstruction. What could possibly go wrong?

My intention is to see what can be learned from these alien devices and to lay plans for a research factory. I’m also converting the downstairs of the house into a small museum about the invasion and what little is know about that planet and it’s inhabitants.


*Comment by Elleon Bergamasco on April 4, 2010 at 9:54am
oohh wonderful to hear~perhaps you can shed some light on that bizarre event, and what sort of precautions and emergency procedures we could implement in case of future attack. I’m not sure the Mayor drinking sour milk and passing out on their machines was the most efficient course of action… and what a wonderful machine! Does it cut chocolate? safely?

*Comment by Cral Denimore on April 4, 2010 at 10:55am
A fascinating area of inquiry, certainly. I must be sure to stop by and see what oddments you’ve collected. ((Am absolutely in love with your HBM build, BTW. Very impressive scripted movement))

*Comment by Kimika Ying on April 6, 2010 at 7:45pm
Thank you, Miss Bergamasco. And yes, it can indeed cut chocolate! Of course it must be set on low power or it will completely vaporize the chocolate, creating a huge mess and a tragic waste. Now that you have me thinking about alternate materials, I wonder if I could adapt it to engraving Easter Eggs next year? Perhaps I can contrive a somewhat smaller version of the machine by then. (opens up notebook and makes and entry)

Your suggestion about precautions and emergency procedures is a fine idea and I expect that ideas for Civil Defense will proceed naturally from my investigations. The Mayors actions in the crisis are suggestive of a line of inquiry, and perhaps he knew more of what he was doing than was apparent to the observer.

At present I’m still getting settled in my new quarters: cleaning, putting up wallpaper, bringing in furniture and so forth.

Mr. Denimore, I’ve begun organizing what materials I have so far and hope to have something suitable for public viewing in a week or two. (( Thank you so much. I’m glad of contests of that sort as they push me to do more that I normally would. The scripting was quite challenging but I was motivated. ))

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