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Diary, June the 26th

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Grace Toussaint on June 26, 2010))

I am relishing the quiet day at home. Soon enough Saturday mornings will be filled with calling on others or receiving guests at my own home.

My mind wanders back to London, wondering about my acquaintances there. Have they heard the rumors? And what do they believe? I have received no word from Lord Blackburn, not even a hastily scribbled note. I hope every day for some communication to assuage my fears and reassure that the investigation is not being pursued any farther. Such a to-do over such a little “indiscretion.” Ah well, such is my lot for being a successful female. The tables arrived yesterday and were quickly ensconced in their new home. I shall not give up my pleasures; ladies are entitled to indulge in their own amusements as much as any gentleman.

Bess has been bustling about the house making everything comfortable. Perhaps in time I can also employ a cook – Bess’s skills in that area are wanting. I plan to look in at a few local shops for additional furnishings and oddments this coming week.

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