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Christine McAllister Pearse

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

Born Miss Christine Isabelle McAllister of Rosehaven and Davaar, she later married Edward Pearse and became Christine McAllister Pearse. Her parents were Robert Angus McAllister, a proctor with the Hudson’s Bay Company and Isabelle Eleanor (nee Southerton) who was the daughter of a merchant in Tunbridge Wells in England. They met whilst in the resort town and after a whirlwind romance, they married and he brought her to Upper Canada where Christine was born.

Her father was sent out to Fort Garry and then Fort Edmonton, taking the whole family including one son and Christine. Christine learned to ride and shoot as well as her brother Gunnar, but also learned more domestic pursuits as well. When her father decided to leave the Company they ended up settling about 180 miles south of Fort Edmonton, where the North West Mounted Police established a fort named Fort Calgary.

Sadly, this chapter in their lives came to a close when her father was out with some of the Mounted Police and the Siksika nation tribe during a buffalo hunt. His horse stumbled in a badger hole, throwing him down where he was trampled by the stampeding buffalo. He died due to these sustained injuries.

Her mother was devestated and ended up selling the home and the family moved back east to the new country of Canada, settling in Montreal briefly.

It was in Montreal that she met Mr. Eclispe, a naval officer, whom she married. With this marriage came a step-brother by the name of TotalLunar as well as an elusive step-sister, Luna. Lunar (her new brother) grew quite close, which proved to be very beneficial when both their parents contracted typhoid while exploring new lands and died.

Together, Lunar and Christine found Steelhead, where they took residence. Her older brother, Gunnar, inherited the “itchy foot” of exploration and chose to pursue that path. Over time, Lunar and Christine both found niches for themselves in the town.

At some point she shared her home, Rosehaven, with Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel. She considered him a most dear and kind man and always a gentleman.

She also took another home in Caledon Cay with Sir Edward Pearse, titled “Davaar” and later married him and eventually made her way into New Babbage.


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