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But I swear something is missing…

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Bianca Namori on July 25, 2010))

I held my father tightly and dared him to budge within my grasp. The tears that graced my face soon stained his traveling coat as I buried my face within it.

"I’m so so happy to see you!" I whimpered as he pulled me from him slowly and smiled down at me. It was my smile, and mine alone only I was blessed to see it. I touched his face still so very far from assurance if he was real or not especially since I felt very dazed.

"Hello Bianca, I am happy to see you too." his voice was firm and strong, as a great fathers voice would be! He was great…he was my greatness. I clapped my hand and bounced with glee showing my true age with such a gesture, yet I could care less. What young madame wouldn’t be excited to see her father?

"What did you bring me?" I jumped into the conversation, daddy Foehammer never returned without getting -me- a gift, so why wait I thought.

He smiled releasing my shoulders and patted my little head before taking another step back and picking up a rather large parcel from my dresser he…

Wait….how did I get in my room? Wasn’t I at Uncle Michaels’ pub? . . .

Oh well! It was a present, and my mind seems to be foggy as of late, maybe it was just a dream, it was early morning after all!

Papa picked up the parcel and set it on my bed with a heave. It was heavy…I LOVE heavy presents. He nodded to me and I dove at it ripping the paper off the box, then tearing the box apart with glee only to find within it a small little machine with what looked like a red eye and props upon it’s head.

How disappointing…

"It’s…it’s lovely! Umm…what is it?"

"You can call him MAX my dear," he said pushing a small button on the back of the machine causing it to bleep noticably and fly around. I stared at it with disbelief and great disappointment.

"I don’t want it…" I pouted.

"But he talks my darling daughter, say hello to it." my father mused.

I studied the machine and pursed my lips before leaning forward to match it’s level eyes to eye and smirked speaking softly, "Hello"

It processed and norted back, "Hello!"

I gasped and applauded, perhaps it wasn’t a horrid gift after all! I giggled and poked at the tiny bobble then hugged my father once again. "I love it!"

Father didn’t reply, he simply smiled and nodded at my blissful nature as I danced about with the machine. Father then explained that it would be my guardian to help Michael when he was gone. It would protect me and keep me safe should anything happen and I didn’t really care to question it either.

After a moments playtime, I felt myself grow parched slightly and with a sigh I looked about the room for my water glass. There it was, almost empty, but still enough water within to wet my little whistle. I reached for the glass only to be bested by fathers snatch as he took it away from me. "Perhaps, I can fetch you a new glass of water my dear. This has been sitting out for awhile it seems," but without allowing me a word, father tipped his head to me and headed down the stairs closing the door behind me.

I arched my brow a bit but then nodded in agreeance of his words, "Yes! That water is probably all warm and gross, who knows how long it’s been out here!"

But as I thought for a moment…who knows when I even brought it up here…

Did I?

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