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Back in Black

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Inquisitor Lord Kain on June 16, 2010))

My fellow Babbagers, I am wrighting this to you today to announce…I have returned to babbage after a looooong recess from the city. I have been secretly watching and listening to the local news, and have made several trips. one such trip being the train-wreck (i wore purple for that…blakopal to be exact…). but do not worry, im not here to bite (i may be a vampire, but i have found an amulet that allowes me to never need blood again), and dont know if ill be there long. So, as it stands…im back…my castle is open to visitors…and i’ll be helping Marit Static in her businuess, scientific research, and making sure her pool is "always" in use (bwahahaha*cough, cough*hahahaha)

by the way, her pool is allowed for use by anyone, there are 2 spheres at the front of it, click on one and sit in the inner-tube, it allows u to swim in the water there (slwater) so go on, enjoy…she also has 6 floting rafts to chill on, and a nice bar in the middle of the pool (water prim is 50x50x5)

Inquisitor-Lord Kain Exonar

Lord of the Inquisition and ancient lands of Gate (now gone from a war/explosion)

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