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About a power source

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==Initial Post==

((Posted by Aizek Tchailenov on May 1, 2010))

Grabbing a pen Aizek Tchailenov begins to write into his journal.

“During the last month or so, I’ve been giving shape to an old project, the Arkhon, a ship capable of soaring both skies and seas. There is still a lot to be done, and little time to do them. But I trully believe that I’ll be able to have the first prototype operational for May 1st. Her design is a bit unorthodox for the times we are living in, but I.m confident that she’ll be impressive.

With about 40m long, 12m wide and 6m height, finding a power source able to fill up her massive demand was a very important subject. finally I decided for a marvelous piece of engineering, born from an eclectic blend of technologies from all over the world.

Since I left Arcania looking for the “man that isn’t a man”, whom I came to find in the person of M’Lord Mureaux, in this very city of New Babbage, I’ve beign colecting knowledge from every source I could find. Still in Arcania I lernt about the atomic power, while in Caledon I came to acknowledge the impressive properties of an odd mineral the caledonians calls Cavorite, while on the far lands of Kemit I learned with a vey wise man about the “heavenly” alloys as they called them. And finally here on this marvelous industrial city I was finally able to combine all of them in a “Cavorite Elemental Reactor”. It seems now the only capable source to power up the ship.

I even gave one core prototype to a local Scientist/Researcher so as to get a fresh view on my invention; hopefully it won’t explode. Anyway I on’t think it still had much energy left. For now I’ve instaled a provisory Aethenergy Reactor so as to test the engines and systems, but it won’t generate enough power to make the ship operational, anyway it will work out at least while I finish buiding the “C.E.R.”.

The “C.E.R.” that will power up the ship can be divided into 2 main parts, the “Axis” and the “Core”. Neither of them, by themselves, produces much energy, but, if my calculations are correct, when combined, it will generate as much power as to supply the demand of a modern city as New Babbage for the next 200 years before beginning its natural decay.

The core is very simple in its conception although very complex in its materials. Its a perfect sphere of cavorite, surrounded by three rings of Kimet cooper, The outer ring beign pierced by a conduct of Arcaii Silver ((ooc comment: both Kimet Cooper and Arcaii Silver examples of the “heavenly” alloys)) held by triangular based pyramids of lead on the poles. On the other hand the Axis is a specially designed artifact that conducts, concentrates and transforms both the Carvorite based energy of the core and the Aethenergy concentrated due to the very same design and material of the axis, into mechanical energy, which is used by the ship.

The other day I met again with M’Lord Moses, he seemed interested in my project, anyway I told him he can come by and check it out whenever he wants. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing he doesn’t know yet since the “Shadows” are a bit frequent around the docks. They do their est to go unseen, but trying to fool an automaton as myself, let’s say that it is not what we could call a “fair game” to them. But I don’t care since I have nothing to hide from M’lord Moses so I let them do their job as if I haven’t seen them, at least with them around I’m sure no one will try to steal from me.”

he then puts his pen down and heads back to work.


*Comment by Cral Denimore on May 3, 2010 at 1:43pm
((scratches his head. Now that does explain alot…))

*Comment by Aizek Tchailenov on May 3, 2010 at 1:57pm
((well…try not exploding it))

*Comment by Arconus Arkright on May 3, 2010 at 4:34pm
((Unless we can watch.))

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