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A Simple (Re)Meeting

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

==A Simple (Re)Meeting==

((Posted by Sky Netizen on July 5, 2010))

Lying across pillows, I gazed at the ceiling of my attic room. Aside from a short walk in the morning, it had been days since I left the flat due to my injuries and I was beginning to experience what many know as “cabin fever”. Though a few kind friends visited (bearing pie) I was primarily left to my own devices for entertainment. My mind wandered through trivial thoughts but quickly focused on the main concerns at hand.

Recently I had been informed that Blondie’s body was not found after her…accident. Yet, since there are those in Babbage who are known to experiment on lifeless bodies I was not overly concerned at the news. Additionally, though I have just started my new position at Terranova Investigative Services it seems that Jed has left and will be gone for some time, leaving me to somehow keep an eye about town. Also troubling was how Lia not long ago entrusted the House of Mureaux to carry out a dread task for her and the outcomes of that decision, however unpredictable, could be grave. All of these things filled my mind, yet one continued to rise to the surface above the rest: a meeting a few weeks ago that brought more questions to me than it did answers…


The door opened after Lia’s gentle knock. We were welcomed in by a pleasant voice that caused us to exchange surprised glances before proceeding. Lia quickly darted into the room before me and as I stepped across the threshold my eyes locked with those of our host. In that moment my mind spun as I felt the air rush out of my lungs. It was him, his gaze was unmistakable. Unable to take my eyes off the man, I watched him smile and exchange the average pleasantries as he offered seats.

We all sat and got to the business at hand: Lia’s situation and my lingering doubts about Lord Moses Mureaux. Though my countenance remained intact throughout the discussions, my mind could not waver from him. I was thankful that Lia did most of the explaining as I only interjected when pressed. His manners were polite, yet there was an added air of familiarity when he addressed me, so slight I wondered if I imagined it. He spoke with authority and decisiveness, two attributes which were very comforting to us. After our business was accomplished we rose from our chairs, and I fought conflicting urges to ask our host a barrage of questions or simply leave, eventually choosing the latter.

Once at the door, I turned and said, “Thank you for your assistance, Tinma-“ Abruptly I stopped, shocked at my own sloppiness. Looking into his eyes I saw burning questions and a hint of rage begin to form.

Lia gave me a strange look as if I were insane and simply said, “Your kindness is much appreciated, Mr. W——. Please do let us know if you find anything.”

“It is my pleasure. Rest assured, I will be in touch,” he responded to her with a smile. After Lia stepped outside his eyes narrowed into a glare on me as a slight smile parted his lips in recognition. My mouth opened unintentionally, as if I was going to ask all of the questions that swarmed in my mind. Before I could draw breath to speak he dropped his voice to where only I could hear, “Keep to yourself and I will find you in due time.” With that he ushered me outside and shut the door.

“What was that about?” Lia questioned in a scolding tone with her arms folded across her chest. “Do you not have enough propriety to ignore the man’s mechanical features?”

I did my best to keep a straight face, relieved that I did not have to explain that which I could not.

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