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A Little Doll never hurt

One week had passed since they found the tome.  With it they found where to dig without having to combThe four gathered to have some tea, while they considered what would be key.

Days of digging through tunnels long collapsed, from centuries past when the empire lapsed.  Sunken and lost; filled with treacherous pits, the book showed the location where their ally should sit.

Danger, the book quite firmly said.  To wake her would be to disturb the dead.  

And so the four sat and drank their tea, the Hatter was writing home care-full-y.  Beatrixe gave a gasp and her friends turned towards her aghast.

“We have been down so long I just caught up with the paper!  It seems there was an archive caper!!”

“The archives?!”  Winter the fox sounded offended,  “After we cleaned it up so well?”

“Yes, it says here they started a fire and burned things in…indescrim… …indiscreminantly!”  Bea butchered the pronunciation. The misspellings of the paper were infectious.  

Spalding growled, “Probably the evil kitty.  I bet I know what happened! We set our extremely careful fire, and then as we fled the evil kitty came and knocked it over!”

“Evil kitty!!!”  Bea and Winter exclaimed.  The Hatter just chuckled at some hidden joke only he could see.  “At least the kitty is occupied for now, yes? They have to deal with their own mess.”

“Yes, with that handy watch you possess, we brought relief to those she oppressed.  A shame we had to use another bunny to do it. But only she seemed a certain fit.” He raised a glass to Otis with a wild grin. “And it most certainly helped your own mood dear friend.  Brought you fully to our end.”

The Hatter laughed in agreement and looked to the others, as he would any allies now.  “One more friend to find below. No matter how far the dig should go.”

They travel down not a path, but a drop long collapsed from cloud wrath.  Resting far below remains their drill, which hopefully today would breach the seal.  

The drill powered with steam engine might, if anyone could have seen it what a sight.  

But not even twenty minutes later, they stuck a solid metal layer.  With a curse at the sudden clash, the passengers fell about in the crash.

And deep below a forgotten creature giggled, as spider like mechanical limbs wriggled.  The flesh hanging off her face, the doll smiled up from her prison space.  

Oh what a joyous day!  Finally, it was time to really play.

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