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A Little Clock Burning never hurts…?

Beatrixe caught up with Winter in the wall, not quite sure where but glad she was not tall. She always just knew which direction the fox lay. It helped in making sure their enemy would pay. She could also tell the fox was scared and sad. What went down with Cyan and the other had just been bad. She wanted to tell her to see Miss Book, and perhaps let the doctors have a chance to look. But these thoughts out of her head did go, and instead focused on their combined foe.

“Are you okay, Winter?” Beatrixe asked. “I hope you do not have a splinter.”

Her arctic friend looked up seeming lost, “I no longer feel… the hare.. or the hatter…”

“Considering that we are dealing with Captain Book,” Bea said knowingly. “To the asylum is where they were probably took.” The mouse slowly raised the set of extra keys she had always kept. “We can join them for a spot of tea. Though I think Wolfy is not very happy with me.”

“There we all are. Seems there was trouble at the bar.” The mechanical voice of ‘Alice’ resounded behind them. She laughed in a screech that would send a shiver of fear in anyone of sound mind. Bea smiled and waved in greeting. “Would it not be better to rescue our friends?  I see a way to do so and bring about the end.”

Doctor Alice’s monster had an idea. An awful panacea. The doll had a truly wonderful, awful idea.

“The hospital nearby, is that not what you all once said?  If we were to sneak in we could make helpless kitty dead. Or perhaps we could hold a ransom, for something that everyone in this city considers quite handsome. But in truth the kitty is not our mortal foe. We need to focus and strike a terrible blow. We must end the inevitable march of time.  With our help it will stop its endless crime.”

But how would they stop time you might ask. Before the madwomen she set a heinous task. To gather and smash the clocks in the city. With the stoppage of time they would defeat the evil kitty.

Winter rubbed her chin in thought, “That could be… we borrowed quite a few clocks… we could borrow more…”

“We must collect the clocks, and hold them high, and then people say here let the kitties fry.” Alice offered, as a ransom perhaps. But she had no intention of leaving any behind. “The end of time they view with fear, but in the end they shall celebrate with cheer. Come, let us go and collect clocks, and break the ones we cannot take!”

“This sounds like a great…” Beatrixe paused as something floated past her thoughts. If they stopped time what would happen to Christmas. “But-“

Winter giggled as her spirits lifted, and her ears perked back up, “I am excited for this plan, and proud to be a part of it. Sorry for my previous fit!”

As the foxes spirits lifted so to did Beatrixe and she dismissed her mutinous thought. “Nevermind what I was about to say! Lets go get the clocks so we can make the kitties pay!”

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