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An Unusual Rescue Attempt

After Tepic’s failed attempt to rescue Snow from “her”, using distilled catnip as a weapon, he vidsited Lilith. “She” asked him for some of the catnip to trade for Snow’s freedom, but the lad was unwilling to provide any, explaining that in the hands of “her” it would be a danger to any of the Cities feline population.

While talking with the lass, an idea started to form in Tepic’s brain. It was the right time of year, and you could ask for anything, that was an urchin’s right. Of course, the big guy never actually promised anything, it was always a ‘we shall see’, or ‘that’s a tricky one’, but he could, technically, do anything.

“Lilith”, he ventured, tentatively, “Steam Santa is coming to the City on Saturday, we could always ask him to bring Snow back to us?”

“What, instead of a present’s?” the lass asked curiously, in the middle of stocking her new soup kitchen for the urchins

“Yep, after all, he can go anywhere, do anythin, an “she” ain’t gonna be able to stop him!”

She considered his proposal for a moment and nodded in agreement. It was a long shot, the idea of super-powered catnip still appealed to her, but it was better to have more than one iron in the fire.

“Right! We’d best get the word out before Saturday, the more urchins that ask, the more likely Santa will do it.” Tepic wandered off to find his crew and alert them to the rescue attempt. It would be a sacrifice, this year he had been intending to ask for one of those new tinder boxes, the brass ones with a little steel and flint inside, but more wonderful, a burning glass set into the lid! Still, that had always been a bit of a long shot, so setting it aside to ask for the return of a friend was not too much of a wrench, it was important to remember friends were the best gift in the world.

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  1. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw December 21, 2019

    Your plan is to convince Santa and the Boiler Elf to break a deal in your favor, so you don’t have to give someone a bottle of booze? I mean, the worst that can happen is a no. *giggle purrs while munching some more Christmas popcorn*

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