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Two for tea and tea for two

The kitty curs had been laid low, and it was his friends that struck the final blow.  Spalding was as happy as a bumble bee, and soon the city would be entirely feline free.  But voices echoed from above, and with it people he did not love. Sourness filled his heart, and he wished he’d run the lad over with a cart.

The voice of Beryl seemed to resound, “Had my brain…scrambled, but I think I’m alright now.  I’d be the last to realize if there were lasting effects.”

“Brain scrambling wasn’t so bad.  Things have been okay since my turn with the watch.” The Hatter replied, before the tophat fox took the watch into his custody

“…wait they used it on you?”

The conversation was growing louder, and the wolf near him was looking even prouder.  Spalding shrugged as he had nothing to fear. He could drink tea while the wolf continued to leer.  Beatrixe had gone out the upper window though she did not have to fly, the mouse wanted to look for their wayward vulpine ally.  

The feral fox spoke as they came down the stairs, “So wait… Beryl hurt Spalding so he then went around and gathered his tea party in order to hurt Cyan and Beryl?”  

“It is a good thing you’re crazy,” Wright growled as he overheard this.  “Or else I would beat you senseless.”

Lunette shrugged, “Can’t beat sense out of someone without any.  Maybe you could beat sense into someone? Does that work?”

“Book.  What are we going to do with these…people,” Wright gestured around himself vaguely.  “Because I am seriously going to suggest the asylum.”

“I would agree.” Book responded, as the two felines dazed pointed to themselves wondering if that included them.  “No, not you two. Mr. Tetchre and Mr. Rookswood, I am taking you into custody on suspicion of kidnapping. And yes, you’ll be going to the asylum for evaluation.”

Spalding grit his teeth at the unfairness, “The Asylum but why would I need to go there?  I’m completely sane.”

Wright stomped one of his feet, “ONE!  Everything you said on Halloween!  TWOEVERYTHING SINCE HALLOWEEN!!

“That sounds fair,” Otis replied with a shrug as he reached into his pocket.  Spalding figured if he was with friends it would not be so bad, “Does it have a tea party?”

Otis did not seem to notice that he had just lit a match and was raising it to his hat.  Felina gave a yelp as she slapped the fire out of his hand. Book and Wright let out a hiss and moved forward as the hypnotist went lethargically for another match as Cyan reached up and cut the straps loose with his claws.  The fellow did not seem to realize what he almost did. Everyone let out a sigh of relief, thankful that both friends were still aware enough to recognize the danger.  

Rayn shuddered at what had almost happened and looked down, “This watch made Kasa poison Cyan, so I think it is clear it could make Otis light his dynamite…”  

Candance looked at it around Rayn’s neck curiously, “Can what it does be .. undone?”

“Of course!” Otis replied happily.  “That’s why I had it. I always used it to undo the damage done by all those crazy villains using hypnotic devices.”

Wright huffed, “Let the record state: I for one do not think Otis is crazy like the rest. Spineless maybe, but not crazy.”

They all agreed with this assessment one by one, but there was something else before they were considered done.  They would look for the two that fled, but also needed to take care for those who had bled. 

Bookworm grimaced after many tangents were made, “We’ll sort this out later.  For now, I want those two – in custody at the asylum. And Cyan, I think you should go to the hospital overnight – just for observation.  Felina, you take him and perhaps get looked at yourself. Mr. Rayn, please safeguard the watch until we can get a better look at it later.  And I’ll send a couple militia members here to keep an eye on things until tomorrow morning.”

“I am just glad most of the puzzle pieces finally came into place tonight.”  Rayn added, “Maybe get Avariel to look you over Felina. I think maybe one of your bones is…crooked?”

“I don’t think I was fully ready to leave the hospital anyway,” Cyan agreed quietly.  Spalding fumed internally. The boy had more lives than he deserved.  

Felina nodded quietly, somewhat subdued, “We’ll get going…by the way you might want to look out for that Alice… she is horrible.”

“Do I want to?” Wright muttered as he closed on Spalding, whose gaze looked up and up at the large wolf.  “Because it sounds like I don’t want to.”

“She’s creepy…”  The boy shuddered as he gripped his arms, the lad must have been hugged a few times.  Spalding almost cackled. “Yeah the hospital would be nice.”

“If you don’t mind a little violence form me, Book,” the wolf cracked his knuckles.  “I don’t want to hear him speak.” He grinned, his teeth showing pure malice. Quietly he added, “I have been waiting to do this since Halloween.”

Candance muttered, “I think that would be assault.”

“Not if Book says I can!”  Wright countered eagerly. Rayn agreed, “He sort of deserves it after all of this.”  

The wolf raised his hand to deliver the punch, which would have sent poor Spalding out to lunch.  But seeing the mighty wolf rear back, primal fear showed exactly what he did lack. The Hare did suddenly faint, and so his blood did not become unwitting paint.

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  1. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw December 20, 2019

    *Purrs with relief as she stretches her back* Freed just in time for the Steam Santa ball. Not that I was minding the attic.

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