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A Little Bit O’ Help…

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Cral Denimore on June 28, 2010))

It seems after months of searching, I have finally found a reasonably reliable assistant, a one Michi Kaufmat. Apparantly, Michi had recently apprenticed to Mr. Footman, but once I described the dangers inherent in associating with such a mad, obsessed, and amoral genius, Michi agreed to assist me in my Fabricatorium instead. While Michi professes ignorance of such matters, I believe that only contracting the bone fever at a very early age could have resulted in such a slight stature. Doubtless useful for fitting into tight corners, although reaching the coal bin might be a challenge.

As luck would have it, and as these things typically turn out, father has recently cabled with an urgent request for me to return to lend a hand with the family business for a time. ((handy RP cover for an imminent and lengthy RL vacation)) Although it will cause a delay in my many projects, including the pending firing of my planned Moon Shot, I find I cannot refuse his request for assistance. At least now I will have someone to watch over the Fabricatorium in my absence. Speaking of which, I could likely reduce the gunpowder load if I send my diminutive assistant instead. Hmmmm….

Well, regardless, the journey home will give me the opportunity for a lengthy test flight of the Magnetic Zeppelin. The odd Arcanian power source has proven nigh on inexhaustible and should easily accommodate the voyage.

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