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A Conversation concerning Cloud Angels

Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

”see also [[Cloud Angel]]”

On July 3, 2009, 1881, Mister Galactic Baroque was flipping through a copy of "The Secret History of New Babbage", which was lying open near the pillow-seats at the CocoaJava Cafe. He became very curious about certain drawings in the book. As luck would have it, Miss Beq Janus was able to stop by and tell the story of the Cloud Angels, which would reveal the meaning of the drawings. As her story unfolded, other townsfolk wandered in and took seats, captivated by the re-telling of the story. (This chatlog from that night has been cleaned up and edited, but the arrivals and greetings of townsfolk has been left intact, as I feel this dynamic is part of the magic of the evening.)

Galactic Baroque smiles up at Beq

Ceejay Writer: Have a seat…. it’s been a lazy afternoon of rambling thoughts.

Galactic Baroque: so about these angels… We can’t make hide nor hair of it

Beq Janus: so … how far in did you get? You know of the Eliot affair?

Ceejay Writer: I didn’t give it any effort – that’s eluded me since I saw them.

Galactic Baroque: reading other peoples rp writeups is an exercise in futility

Galactic Baroque: lets start with the eliot affair then

Ceejay Writer: I am so confused by the baby part.

Galactic Baroque: i want know know what these diagrams are *points to book next to him*

Beq Janus: hmm yes, and I was busy being seduced by vampires throughout that period.

Ceejay Writer: Ah… yes, it would be about then.

Kaylee Frye: Hi

Beq Janus: Hi Kaylee

Galactic Baroque smiles at Kaylee

Ceejay Writer: Hello, Kaylee!

Kaylee Frye: Half the people in town right now are here

Beq Janus: its the place to be seen

Galactic Baroque: quiet night.

Ceejay Writer laughs. "Quiet day, eh? All recovering from yesterday?"

Galactic Baroque: its good to sleep freely for a change

Ceejay Writer smiles. "Yes."

Beq Janus: so….the premise behind cloud angels….

Ceejay Writer pats a pillow and smiles at Kaylee.

Galactic Baroque: please go on, Miss Janus

Ceejay Writer: Galactic and Beq are speaking of cloud angels. I’m listening, and quietly working.

Beq Janus: the eliot device had been disabled by Prof Nishi after the last incursion of the old gods

Galactic Baroque: say what?

Beq Janus: rewinds

Galactic Baroque: when did they poke thier heads down from the clouds?

Beq Janus: Eliot upset them. The rift that was created by the eliot device drew the attention of the gods to Babbage.

Galactic Baroque: aliens of some sort?

Beq Janus: it also seemed to cause the malfunction that resulted in Prof Nishi and the Cuckoo twins being sucked into this time period. Prof Nishi…this gets rather outside of my little scientific learning…. Prof Nishi is or rather was an aspect of a larger construct, some form of navigator. Time travel so she claimed, though we know that is silly talk. She was apparently brought to this time by the surge caused by the testing of the eliot device.

Ceejay Writer raises an eyebrow at Beq.

Galactic Baroque: what was this machine supposed to do?

Beq Janus: so…big energy surge, destroys the islands where the test was taking place, rouses the gods, and pulls the cuckoo twins and Nareth into our space. A society known as VanGreed/VanCreed who had sponsored the work. Have Eliot killed. Yet he has hidden the device.

Ceejay Writer discreetly tends to her notebook while listening.

Beq Janus: Eliot’s assistant/victim, a young urchin named moriarty becomes the focus of attention. Numerous grizzly murders occur. Moriaraty is blamed (lycanthropy suspected) The reality appears to be (though it was not learned until much much later) that the VanGreeds were eliminating these people, letting Moriarty take the blame

Galactic Baroque raises both eyebrows

Galactic Baroque: why were they eliminating people?

Beq Janus tosses various papers on the carpet. Article 623…

Galactic Baroque looks curiously

Beq Janus: this one discusses the elimiation of Mr Canning.

Kaylee Frye: Wow, I never saw this stuff

Beq Janus: These were delivered by the VanCreed as part of a deal whereby we would asist them in capturing moriarty. As I suspected it was really a ruse, but the information was useful. Moriarty managed to assemble the device and it opened a vortex that allowed the elder gods to enter.

Galactic Baroque: mostly likely aliens

Beq Janus: Nareth fought them and was killed in the process. She was given a new body by ….ok it gets odd now…

Galactic Baroque smiles

Beq Janus: She was given a new body by her future daughter and gave birth to said daughter a few months later. This was elenore darwin. Elenore aged rapidly and was a brattish 6 year old within a few months. So… Moriarty…Did not die in the big fight, and a year later more or less, rumours of his return started to spread. One day I encountered him on the docks. He was being assailed by urchins and started to strike out. I attacked him with my galvanic sword and he near killed me with power drawn perhaps from my sword, or from reserves of his own it was unclear. I awoke in a heap on the boardwalk. Elsewhere in these papers you will see that the eliot device was not the only new energy source being funded by the VanCreed.

Galactic Baroque: what happened to the VanCreed? They still around?

Beq Janus: I suspect that they are. They are a shady bunch. Here, article 891-1. Porta terarum was the eliot device. Cloud angels, hollow earth and psychic storm were the other projects.

Galactic Baroque: Do they have deep roots here? Old Babbage family?

Beq Janus: I don’t think so. I have a vague recollection that they were from Caledon. It is a society not unlike the freemasons.

Galactic Baroque: i see

Beq Janus: Moriarty became a real worry. He had delusions. He thought he could become a god. He wanted to reopen the portal and bring the gods back. The twins, while claiming to oppose him had a vested interest in his aims. If it was the rift that stranded them here, it was possibly their only way home. Nareth, Elenore and Misi had been gone some time. I had written to them and received no reply. One night, Elenore, ame and found me in the tea shop. Misi joined her and they took me to the darkened upstairs of the theatre. Here I met Nareth, though she no longer looked or sounded like Nareth. They had left Babbage and traveled (in time) to join Jonathan Harker’s mission to destroy Vlad Dracul. Cutting the bits about her affair with Mina out, we get to a point where Nareth, at the point of Dracula’s death, is converted, more than this she is "sealed" she has become a vessel of some ancient relics. I think my blog may cover some of this. In the sex scenes at one point it becomes apparent that she has no genitalia!

Ceejay Writer drops notebook, pencil rolls across carpet, she flusters and gathers it all back up to continue writing.

Galactic Baroque smiles at Ceejay’s reaction

Tinus Koskinen: hello everyone.

Tinus Koskinen: Thank you Galactic!

Galactic Baroque: Hello

Beq Janus smiles at Mr Koskinen

Kaylee Frye: Hi

Beq Janus: its been a while sir

Ceejay Writer looks up. "Hello, Tinus!"

Tinus Koskinen: hello Beq, Kaylee. Ceejay….yes it has been too long.

Galactic Baroque: Ypu deserve a medal for your work in the resistance

Ceejay Writer nods in agreement.

Beq Janus: Nareth agreed to help get rid of Moriarty again

Tinus Koskinen: well thank you but I did my part. Nothing more.

Beq Janus: though the papers suggested that she was in fact complicit in some dealings during the eliot affiar

Tinus Koskinen: please continue Beq, I hope I did not interrupt

Galactic Baroque: telepathy is a lycan trait? who knew

Beq Janus shuffles through the papers scattered about her. Aaha here it is article 881. The citizen of new babbage was prof Nishi. When I confronted her over this she denied collusion but admitted talking to him.

Tinus Koskinen: Miss Widdershins!

Galactic Baroque smiles

Saffia Widdershins: Hello!

Kaylee Frye: Hi

Tinus Koskinen: please take my seat Miss…

Ceejay Writer: Hi boss!

Ceejay Writer: Oh, there’s plenty of pillows!

Saffia Widdershins: Thank you:-)

Beq Janus is leafing through her diary

Tinus Koskinen: your quite welcome

Beq Janus: aha here in december…

Elleon Bergamasco wanders in

Galactic Baroque: Elleon!

Elleon Bergamasco: hallo all

Tinus Koskinen: Miss Elle! good to see you miss.

Elleon Bergamasco: I see Vash has not succeeded in destroying the streetcars after all

Galactic Baroque: Maybe we can get her highness to rearrange the pillows

Beq Janus: Nareth had agreed to get rid of Moriarty

Ceejay Writer: I can do that!

Elleon Bergamasco: please gentlemen, don’t get up

Elleon Bergamasco: thank you Ceejay dear

Tinus Koskinen: a habit my auntie roll over in her grave if I would not.

Saffia Widdershins: Miss Janus, a lot of blogs I’ve been looking at today have been talking about the Primgraph’s coverage of the Trouble in Babbage.

Elleon Bergamasco smiles

Saffia Widdershins: and that’s really down to you :-)

Galactic Baroque: YOu have one of those too?

Elleon Bergamasco curtsies gracefully and with respect

Beq Janus smiles

Elleon Bergamasco: well you have my thanks then

Beq Janus: that is lovely to hear

Ceejay Writer: Better? Thwap me if you’re uncomfortable.

Beq Janus: it was an exciting time to be reporting

Elleon Bergamasco: it’s wonderful, thank you

Saffia Widdershins: I have cake …

Galactic Baroque: We keep interrupting Beq’s story

Beq Janus smiles

Saffia Widdershins shuts up

Elleon Bergamasco: yes, please don’t let me interrupt

Elleon Bergamasco: but I’ll always take cake…

Beq Janus: The urchins, young Jimmy and Myrtil in particular had coerced Nareth into helping Babbage once more

Tinus Koskinen: we were at the trait of telepathy in lycans I believe.

Beq Janus: she was not inclined to help in fact, or so she claimed

Galactic Baroque: such patriots those two

Beq Janus: it was about that time that I made my first big mistake. Nareth exaplined to me that the gods that were being summoned could not be fought by her alone. She asked me to assist her, she was up front, or so it seemed. the city could be saved but my life would be forfeit.

Beq Janus sighs

Ceejay Writer looks very sad.

Tinus Koskinen: oh such a high cost.

Galactic Baroque: i think we’ve all had a taste of that lately

Beq Janus: I agreed of course, the cost was as nothing to the loss of all that I loved and, yes Mr Baroque, I am not alone in such choices. As would become apparent, nothing with the new Nareth, was quite what it seemed. Never quite a lie, but rarely the truth. I was to be bound to her, our minds joined (( this i think was the blog))

Elleon Bergamasco nods recalling

Beq Janus: Inded the binding was correct, she was in my head. The sad tale of my descent from there is long and for another time I fear however, it was this bonding that played a part in the cloud angel affair. We had established that Moriarty required power, electric power it seemed and tus we laid a trap.

Galactic Baroque: now we get to the cloud angels!

Ceejay Writer blinks and looks up.

Beq Janus: a few days earlier a VanCreed Agent had been seen to be killed in an airship disaster over the docks, his cargo lost in the water. A Cloud Angel. The Cloud Angel device was in some sense similar to that of the Porta terarum.

Galactic Baroque: they actually had one?

Beq Janus: oh yes

Galactic Baroque: is this it? *points to the diagram again*

Beq Janus: quite revolting

Beq Janus nods sadly

Galactic Baroque: what did it look like?

Beq Janus: externally, a barrel like object. Wood and brass as I recall. A small galss sphere held in the frame inside the sphere. The "angel", an unborn child.

Elleon Bergamasco gasps

Beq Janus: human

Galactic Baroque grimaces

Tinus Koskinen is shocked.

Beq Janus stutters a sigh

Saffia Widdershins: oh dear

Beq Janus: I do not bein to understand the science of this all, and perhaps that is for the better.

Ceejay Writer shivers.

Beq Janus: somehow these "angels" were able to emanate or perhaps conduct great energy

Galactic Baroque leans forward

Beq Janus: and clearly this was the thing that Morairty needed. But he could not possibly undertake the experiment without first being energised himself, hence we built a cage and lay in wait. There is only one source of such electricity in Babbage. Down in the canals. At first we thought we had succeeded.

Tinus Koskinen listens closely.

Beq Janus: he entered the cage. He was chasing Rip. Ff I recall, Rip as arranged leapt through the cage and slammed the rear door. I slammed the front door. We had him.

Elleon Bergamasco: bravo!

Beq Janus: however, the catch must have failed

Elleon Bergamasco: ooo

Beq Janus: though we never found evidence of this. Before we knew it he was inside and surrounded by, engulfed in the electrical storms that fed his needs. It was then that Nareth appeared. She spoke to him. Even as he transformed into a wolf mmore vicious than any we had seen previously.

Tinus Koskinen: I hope your cage held against such a force.

Beq Janus: vampire against werewolf they stood and the building was engulfed in flames. Moriarity had caled down the flames knowing that it would destroy Nareth. Tt was then that Nareth called in the bargain.

Elleon Bergamasco: Oh!

Saffia Widdershins: oh my

Beq Janus: through me she channeled more energy into herself and leaving me dying on the cobbles she escaped the flaes and chased Moriarty

Tinus Koskinen: concern crosses his brow

Beq Janus: the rest I can only relate through what is known to others. Moriarty fled to an airship that had recovered the cloud angel. It rose high into the sky.

Galactic Baroque: it had an airship?

Ceejay Writer forgets to breathe, her notebook slips from her fingers to the carpet.

Beq Janus: I believe the VanCreed has supplied the vessel

Tinus Koskinen: but you recovered…such a strong soul.

Elleon Bergamasco nods

Beq Janus: despite their reservations over Moriarty and their apparent pact with Rip and Orchid to help eliminate him, their interest ultimately returned to seeing their project fulfilled. If the cloud angel worked then their energy dreams were realised.
Beq Janus smiles grimly at Tinus, it is hard to kill me. There is a reason for this, a problem I have yet to resolve. It may well have been better had I not recovered but that is another story

Galactic Baroque: so these … fetus things… are sentient, and they are packing them into machines to create energy?

Beq Janus: yes sir

Galactic Baroque shakes his head to himself

Saffia Widdershins: Quite dreadful

Ceejay Writer rubs her eyes in a vain effort to erase the mental images plaguing her.

Tinus Koskinen: such….a terrible…use of life.

Beq Janus: as the book relates sir. It was an ancient technology. From an earlier and seemingly barbaric empire

Galactic Baroque: But the old empire was a golden age

Elleon Bergamasco: but…. you’re certain they were human?

Beq Janus: the orginal cloud angels may not have been. But I am led to beleive that the VanCreed created ones were.

Galactic Baroque: or that is what i had been lead to believe

Galactic Baroque: created?

Beq Janus: they assembled the "vessels"

Tinus Koskinen eyes Galactic…wondering why his interest is so peaked with this…magic or perhaps technology.

Galactic Baroque points to the book he legs are tangled in.

Beq Janus: it is not beyond our imagination to understand that the supply of foetuses was derived from the same source as the blood that powered the eliot device. The underclasses.

Elleon Bergamasco shivers in disgust at the thought..

Beq Janus: It is my belief that young girls were abducted from the streets and…. impregnated.

Galactic Baroque: this is abominable

Beq Janus nods

Tinus Koskinen nods with Galactic’s statement.

Ceejay Writer swallows hard and wishes to do real harm to such forces.

Beq Janus: do you recall the ghost in the theatre sir?

Elleon Bergamasco: ooo I do!

Ceejay Writer nods, remembering.

Saffia Widdershins listens wide-eyed

Galactic Baroque: Vaguely

Beq Janus: Lucas

Ceejay Writer: "Yes, that was his name."

Elleon Bergamasco: yes, a little boy?

Beq Janus: He was abducted from the orphanage and was used by Moriarty and Eliot. "Used" ugh, I am appalled by my own acceptance. He was murdered, his blood decnated and used in the experiment that shattered sunrise isle.

Tinus Koskinen is angered by the loss of one so young.

Beq Janus: he was one of many sir. Sadly we see them pass through the city and little account of their number is held

Tinus Koskinen: yes…they should be protected.

Beq Janus: yes sir. and yet we can barely protect our own city at times.

Tinus Koskinen agrees sadly.

Galactic Baroque: i’d say we did fairly well

Beq Janus: the unnmbered young that hide from the state have little hope of defence and it is why they are such easy prey

Galactic Baroque: for being caught off guard

Beq Janus nods

Beq Janus: caught off guard

Saffia Widdershins nods

Beq Janus: The airship rose to the clouds and Moriarty fought with professor Nishi. Moriarty lost and yet the professor still released the cloud angel, perhaps out of a duty of care for the captive spirit. That is surely how the history of babbage will record her heroics. The reality is somewhat different.

Elleon Bergamasco: oh?

Tinus Koskinen listens intently.

Beq Janus: through its release she was able to summon her goddess, one of the elder gods towhom the texts refer. She dispatched the twins, destroyed the only power source that could reopen the rift and rendered Moriarty mortal and powerless.

Elleon Bergamasco: Mortal?

Beq Janus: in one fell swoop she had eliminated all those that might stand in her way. Moriarty believed and it is not proven, that he was in part already a god. In my covnersations, nareth dismissed this, he was but their vessel. His removal meant that her goddess was unchallenged.

Elleon Bergamasco raises her eyebrows

Beq Janus: she was not that different to Moriarty

Beq Janus yawns

Galactic Baroque smiles

Beq Janus: I think that my tale is done

Galactic Baroque: thank you

Ceejay Writer exhales slowly and looks at Beq with sympathy.

Tinus Koskinen: thank you miss, sorry that I interrupted.

Elleon Bergamasco: thank you so much for retelling such a difficult tale…

Beq Janus grins, not at all. To be interrupted by a hero of the resistance is an honour

Ceejay Writer: Yes…. to have that story within you… oh Beq.

Saffia Widdershins: that was fascinating – and frightening

Tinus Koskinen blushes again…."please, one duty is hardly heroic."

Galactic Baroque: you were far braver than I to stand your ground here. I took to the air as soon as the smashitrons appeared on my street.

Galactic Baroque lifts the milk bottle sadly

Ceejay Writer chews her lip.

Tinus Koskinen: I was more foolish than brave…but I am no worse to wear.

Elleon Bergamasco looks at the lovely topiaries…

Saffia Widdershins: I have learned from the rest events that I possess a powerful talisman

Galactic Baroque: a talisman?

Elleon Bergamasco: oh?

Saffia Widdershins: recent events

Ceejay Writer tilts her head.

Saffia Widdershins: when danger threatens, I look it straight in the eye and say …. "Do you have a quote for The Primgraph?"

Beq Janus smiles

Elleon Bergamasco laughs and relaxes a little

Ceejay Writer glares and groans.

Galactic Baroque chuckles

Elleon Bergamasco: very good Miss Saffia

Beq Janus: I should wish you all a good evenning and retire to bed

Tinus Koskinen laughs hardily…"I thought you were going to say ‘Give me just three steps’ "

Ceejay Writer: When danger threatens, she also brings in her photographers to take the brunt of damage. Good woman there.

Elleon Bergamasco: Hallo Jimmy!

Ceejay Writer: Hoy Jimmy!

Elleon Bergamasco: do sit dear

Jimmy Branagh: Hoy everyone!

Beq Janus: Jimmy

Jimmy Branagh: Victory party?

Elleon Bergamasco: if you like, there is cake..

Saffia Widdershins: hello Jimmy

Ceejay Writer thinks it’s good this tale wrapped up so the young one wouldn’t have bad dreams.

Beq Janus: now here is a lad, who knows more than a little of cloud angels

Tinus Koskinen: Hello Jimmy a pleasure to meet you

Jimmy Branagh: Thenks!

Elleon Bergamasco nods at Ceejay

Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello sir. Foine ta meet you too!

Beq Janus: night all

Elleon Bergamasco: I suppose he could tell us tales that would give us nightmares..

Tinus Koskinen: good night Beq. thank you again.

Ceejay Writer: Thank you Beq… sleep well.

Jimmy Branagh: Aww Noight Miss Beq

Kaylee Frye: Night

Galactic Baroque: Night Beq

Elleon Bergamasco: thank you Beq, and goodnight

Saffia Widdershins: Goodnight!

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