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Archivist note: This post is from an older recovered archive.

((Posted by Grendel Footman on May 7, 2010))

he stood off to the side of the door listening in, the woman in the Kimono wanted Footman to dissassemble the pengi? this would not do, he still hadn’t found a better automoton to possess, one with fingers, that maid had fought a bit too much. As he leaned in more to listen, Footman refused the dissassembling idea, but agreed to trap and examine the pengi. He had to find a new body quick in that case , it might be time to find a flesh and blood body. Footman soon left, citing a trip to Armada, the Hermit woman walked out. 13 followed a bit behind, watching. He watched , crossing between 2 building as she chatted with another woman, The albino was a possibility, she had some knowledge f the spirit world that was troublesome, but could be useful in his work on Footman’s machine. 13 picked up a rock, intending to knock her out so he could ransfer to her much easier, humans were always so much trickier to posess than automotons, when his metal flippers started feeling weak, the fire in 13’s burner already burning low. He waddled quickly off to search for coal quick.

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