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Phaedra Went A-Courting

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Phaedra Byrne, the former Mrs. Underby, has a chance meeting with two of the Brothers of the Builder, one of whom catches her eye.

* An Encounter in Babbage Canals

    Phaedra uses her influence to peer behind the privacy policy at the Blue Sparrow, and discovers something unexpected.

* The Red-Light Artist

     Another encounter with the Brother gave her the self-revelation that she was, in fact, quite bored. Bored enough to pursue one who should have been a natural antagonist.

* Hunting old Prey 

    Brother Lapis decides to take Phaedra up on her offer of a private meeting, and pays her a call at her home.

* The Gentleman Caller

* The Parlour

* Common Ground

    Phaedra finds that the Brother was not at all what she expected, and makes preparations for a second appointment.

* Issuing an Invitation

* Chivalry is Never Wasted

     For some reason, the relationship between the unlikely pair quickly cooled before summer was out. But Phaedra finds her interest rekindled that autumn.

* A Woman Walks into a Bar

* Poker Night

     Brother Lapis encounters difficulties with his ‘usual’ dating venues.

* Crossbow Practical

* The Crates

      That spring, Phaedra appears to have let the Brother into her boudoir. But who has played whom?

* Breaking Fast

”… to be continued?”

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