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Hunting old Prey

At Loki Absinthe it was too early in the evening for it to be busy, but just late enough that the sultry heat of the day was giving way to the cool breeze comming off the Vernian. Phaedra Byrne and Dominic Lapis sat at a table along the canal, separate from the growing crowd inside the cafe. They leaned toward eachother across the table, as if their conversation had reached that curious juncture whereupon each realizes that it may be time to to either separate, or slip off together.

“Perhaps,” Lapis said, lowering his voice, “we should take this conversation somewhere more private?”

Phaedra finished her absinthe and turned the glass over onto the table, a faint smile curled the corners of her lips, “I’m afraid I’ve business to attend to this evening, Brother. Have you ever had your fortune told?”

He laughed, “I have, though I am not a believer, of course.”

“Of course.” Phaedra smirked, “the moon is full on Tuesday. Come by and let’s see if I cannot make a believer of you.”

He stood as she did, though his wine was not yet finished, “When should I arrive?”

Phaedra couldn’t resist the old theatricality, though it was difficult to say it without bursting into laughter, “It doesn’t matter, Brother, I will know when to expect you.”

“Ah,” He said, the smug look returning to his face. She could almost see the gears turning behind his dull eyes, no doubt making exactly the leaps she wanted it to.

When she was safely out of sight she allowed herself a chuckle, men really were such simple creatures. It seemed that it did not matter that she’d let him off her hook for so long with no bait to chew on, he was still an easy catch.

As she crossed the threshold into the safety of her home, Missy leaping from the sofa to greet her, she wondered if she hadn’t set her sights a little too low.

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