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Felisa Fargazer

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Felisa Fargazer is–or, rather, was–a feral cat living in the Clockhaven district of New Babbage. For much of her short life, she’d lived isolated from both the human citizens and the other cats of the area, due to the unfortunate name of M’anchild bestowed on her by the seer of the group. At the beginning of her first winter, though, she decided that she ought to instead observe the humans, to see if she could discover the reason for her name.

In the course of this, she discovered that one human was trapping cats–and those cats wound up dead. Through observation, and her own innate intelligence, she figured out how to open the traps and release the cats. However, she was eventually trapped herself, and has now gone through a rather remarkable change.

==Significant Events==

Felisa's Change

August 12 – Connecting with the New World

Hunter, Hunted, Hunter

Fighting Instinct

One Threat Ends, Another Begins

Confusing Plans and Certain Actions (Dark Aether) (Part 1)

Confusing Plans and Certain Actions (Dark Aether) (Part 2)

Confusing Plans and Certain Actions (Dark Aether) (Part 3)]

Continuing to Make Trouble

Tidbits of News (Dark Aether)

Big, Big Trouble (Dark Aether)

A Difficult Decision (Dark Aether)

Turned Away (Dark Aether)

Reverse Exodus (Dark Aether)

Felisa and Steam Santa

A Christmas Miracle?

Time to Put it to the Test

Time to Put it to the Test] (written by Miss Queer Hermit)

Talking to Yourself

Getting City-States Through Hypnotism (Lisa is involved in the last part of it.)

The Measure of Happiness

School of One

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