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Emerson Lighthouse and the Mushrooms of Mars

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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   One fine evening, Emerson Lighthouse, now retired from knightly deeds, got the building bug. His neighbors in Wheatstone Waterways watched with growing concern as strange machinery began to take shape in the lot behind the Clockhouse in Wheatstone Waterways. 

* A Brief Letter to H. G. Wells by Emerson Lighthouse
*Image: Should I be Worried? by Bookworm Heinrichs
* Sitting on the Dock by Petharic
* The Warehouse, Part Two: In Which Our Hero Meets A Peculiar Aethernaut] By Orpheus
* On the North Fells by Petharic
* An Unfortunate Display of Temper by Petharic

   After Petharic’s outburst Emerson discovers a deep hole under the Gangplank

* The Dunsany Brick by Emerson Lighthouse
* The City with no Foundations By Victor Mornington

   Malus seems less than eager to go into the hole beneath the Gangplank

* Malus gets the Ride by Emerson Lighthouse
* Cyrus Teed Comes to New Babbage by Emerson Lighthouse
* A Warning from Mumsy by Emerson Lighthouse
* Mail By Malus

    Petharic and his young friend, Johnny Dawkins, received an unfriendly welcome

* A Curious Encounter Beneath the Gangplank by Petharic

   Emerson sends a small team down the hole, while Brother Lapis attempts to translate a scroll

* The Scroll by Emerson Lighthouse
* The Hole by Emerson Lighthouse

   The adventurers descend into the pit to rescue the others and are pursued and soon seperated

* The Dunsany Tunnel by Emerson Lighthouse
* The Caverns of Clockhaven by Junie Ginsburg Flickr version
* An Unexpected Find by Emerson Lighthouse
* Never Say Dunsany by Emerson Lighthouse

   Malus and Kaylee are captured by an unexpected foe

* A Princess of Mars by Emerson Lighthouse
* Three Brief Cliffhangers by Emerson Lighthouse
* We’ll Make Great Pets by Emerson Lighthouse
* Kaylee and Dejah Thoris Image by Junie Ginsburg

   Gilhooly finds Johnny Dawkins, while Petharic and Junie delve deeper into the remains of the Dunsany Institution

* The Children of Dunsany by Emerson Lighthouse

Emerson and Lapis try to find a way out of the Martian dungeon, while Malus and Kaylee make the best of an escape opportunity. Junie and Petharic meet Dr. Joseph, director of the Dunsany Institution.

* Notes from the Underground by Emerson Lighthouse
* The Republic by Emerson Lighthouse
* Houses of the Holy by Emerson Lighthouse

The situation grows dire as Dr. Joseph and the Martian princess prepare to launch, which threatens to destroy Clockhaven.

* A Passion Play by Emerson Lighthouse
* The Cure by Emerson Lighthouse

Malus works on disabling the rocket under Clockhaven and has a confrontation with Dr. Joseph. Gil leads the party out of the caverns, and Malus finds he has a lot to think about once they are all safely back at The Gangplank.

* The Gates of Power by Emerson Lighthouse


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